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Metal to watch: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iron

I'm going to make this brief:

China is using their inflated money supply (cash flush) to purchase hard natural resources in Africa.

They already have a 10 million ton deal for copper with a major Australian mining company. What worries the US government more is the "iron standard" that the Chinese state could potentially set as it has essentially purchased African governments, and is extracting ore at a rate faster than the devaluing of their currency.

Here's a fast fact: China evacuated 30,000 workers from Libya (working on extracting oil) during the time the US toppled Gaddafi. What most don't realize is that Benghazi (setting of the fabled "surprise attack" last Sept. 11th) has always been an AFRICOM central station for grooming "rebels" --those which are sensitive to the Berber (anti-Arab Islam rule) interests.

But wait, aren't the Berbers also the Tauregs? Why yes they are. Aren't the Tauregs the ones who caused all of the commotion recently in Mali by declaring independence? Yes.

Basically, the US used Benghazi as a pipeline for weapons that needed to flow into the hands of the Berbers, a group they knew was chomping at the bit to rise up in Mali.

Why Mali? See: Recent bloodbath in Algerian gas fields. Mali is resource rich in all the things on which China hasn't already gained a stronghold.

Iron, however is where the US needs to catch up.

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