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Apparently 80% of NYC school kids can't read when they graduate high school


Part of me says that's not very surprising, but then part of me is like "80%?!? Really?" It's a sad state of affairs for sure.

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"From New York City!"

"The most self-congratulatory city in the WORLD!"

I try to avoid stereotyping, but some trends are unmistakeable. Occupation notwithstanding, New Yorkers tend to be the rudest people in America. No other geographical designation has ever distinguished itself by such narcissism. While the French are also rude and impatient (generally speaking), only New Yorkers take the trouble to state that they are from New York and that I (and my ilk) would never make it there. Apparently, NYC residency confers a license to be a demanding jerk.

As for me, I'm a jerk in my own right (though not especially demanding). It makes no difference from where I come.

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