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McCain Calls Paul, Cruz, Amash, etc. "Wacko Birds"

Using his considerable oratory skills, Senator John McCain (Globalist-AZ), continued to dis Rand and continue with his perception that the entire universe is a battlefield populated by dirty mundanes by calling him and his ilk, "wacko birds" who get all the attention.



Recall that screwing the American people over is a family tradtion. Remember the USS Liberty, a ship sunk with help from Admiral McCain. Kind of a metaphor isn't it?


Update: I just got an idea: It would be really neat if someone could come up with a graphic of a bald eagle standing in front of a background of the Bill of rights with the caption beneath, Wacko Bird. That would be cool to blog, tweet and facebook around in response to these neocon fascist types. T-Shirts would be nice if this story gets legs and people would know what term is in reference to. I really need to start homeschooling, uh, now or I'd start working on it.

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I heard that song when I was ~12

I remember having chicken pox, and being home, and listening to this old mono-radio, and hearing that song sung to the tune of "Barbara Ann".

When McCain sang it, I was rather surprised not to see mention of the origin of this song. Perhaps it was just a local radio station's creation, like "Lunching in the Park" (sung to "Dancing in the Dark") and others from WBCN when 104.1 in Boston was rock?

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Just think

Had this banjo been elected president in 08....Well, I just thought about it. The only thing that would be any different is that we'd be nuts deep in WW3 at Israel's behest.

For the first time...

I truly feel like people are not buying the wacko bird crap. The message somehow slipped out, and others are taking notice. When McCain now says something like this, you know, about how we are crazy for thinking it's NOT ok for the federal gov't to kill us, most people look at him with a WTF face (http://skidmoreunofficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/SUM...).

Rubio playing politics

All Rubio was doing was playing politics.
He evidently saw the 84% poll showing the filibuster makes Rand more presidential, so he hopped on that wagon to take a ride.
He's the new neocons, deceivers, and is the new republican's float test, earlier this past week they floated the JEB balloon. The filibuster clubbed that float test, so here come their NEW and RISING STAR...A Cuban-American who supports LIBERTY.
Rubio plays what might help his RESUME...that's all I saw.

I really hope this doesn't come off as racist

but by Rubio citing rappers and the Godfather - there was a documentary regarding the connection between rappers and either Scarface or the Godfather(don't remember) - he was playing to a different audience. I think the GOP and his advisors are trying to portray him as the politician that is "in-touch" with "the people". In contrast, you have Ted Cruz that "thought" the correct terminology for excessive tweets was "blowing up". See the difference? Watch for the GOP and the media to push Rubio in that light.

All we need now is for the same voters that voted for obama the first time SOLELY based on the color of his skin, vote for Rubio SOLELY based on his ancestry.

Not racists at all.

Liberty is Universal.

yeah man We need to start educating Hispanic people in this country...

check out: http://www.miseshispano.org/

For the most part they are manipulated by zionist Hammin Sabban (the guy that made the power rangers) he is the owner of univision.

We need a Liberty/Latino Super Pac... I'm working on that...

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

Ron Paul 2012 sticker

When I parked my truck at several different Cuban families houses to park and attend Tampa bay home games.Everyone liked my Ron Paul sticker.

Money talks and dogs bark

It's Time!

It's time to gather our influence, and throw that shriveled up old political CALL BOY out of office!

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Doing what the people want would seem wacko to a neoconservative military industrial complex sellout. Time for old dogs like McCain to retire since it is clear that they are no longer up for the job. They give Obama so much crap about wasting money on welfare (and rightfully so), but never consider that it's possible for waste to occur in terms of military spending.

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I guess if I had to make a choice

I'd rather flock with the Wacko Birds than Cuckoo Birds and Parrots.

Graham is

John McCain's parrot, and McCain is a socialist interloper.


=) Love it!

Don't forget

the hawks and vultures.

I was hoping when McCain and Graham

was primaried during their last elections the people of AZ and SC would do the "right" thing, but I've given up hope.

Unfortunately, I think the only way we'll be rid of them is after they die (while still serving in office). Evil tends to lives for a long, long time.

McCain and Graham? Oh...

you mean "Coot and Fruit"! Over time, coots die off and fruit rots. The senility of one and the stench of the other get more obvious as the days go on. Don't worry, the people of AZ and SC will notice it soon, if they haven't by now.

http://thehill.com/video/senate/286881-paul-blasts-back-at-m... (Look for "The Troll" in the comment section.)

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Yes. I agree.

I also like the LewRockwell post calling Graham, "Graham Cracker."

I think I saw the troll you were talking about.

Also, some of the establishment GOP's interlopers pretend to be part of the Liberty Movement.

No! LOL "Troll" is the screen name

of the person I got this from. Troll called them "senile coot" and "sissy fruit".

Mr. Rockwell denigrates Graham Crackers, which I happen to like with a cold glass of milk every now and then, by equating it to a piece of rotten Fruit.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

LOL @ Coot and Fruit ! ;-)

LOL @ Coot and Fruit !


Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

I'm in AZ and I've never voted for McCain

I'm in AZ and I've never voted for McCain. Nobody likes him. Even the neocons and teaocons who love war more than life itself, hate him due to his policies on the border and immigration. I think the system his rigged to keep him in place no matter how we vote. That said, we really need someone good to challenge him. JD Hayworth challenged him last time. But he is a neocon who tried to reinvent himself as a tea partier. On top of that, he had been the congressman for my district and everyone hated him because he was an arrogant, ex-sportscaster of a neocon and was voted out of office. So we need a genuine liberty candidate.

It seems to be similar with Graham. He has been censured by the SC GOP and they don't seem to like his effeminate self, but he seems to be entrenched one way or another.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Perhaps next time social media can be used

effectively to inform the voters in SC who and what Graham is. The beauty of it is all that is needed is the fanatic's own words.

What About Rubio

Is he a whacko-bird too?

I don't believe Rubio is.

Maybe this will backfire on these two classless people who ironically have behaved unprofessionally--they have some nerve accusing anyone else of a lack of decorum.

Rubio is whacko-bird decoy

GOP puts him out to attract real whacko-birds votes from real whacko bird candidates in 2016. The whacko-bird decoy only looks like a real whacko-bird on MSM.

Dont Trust Rubio the Rhino..

Very Very Dangerous...

Tell all the Hispanic people, especially rhinos, you know about www.miseshispano.org

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

Senate rules

Isn't that against the Senate rules of decorum?

It's weird how many of these

It's weird how many of these globalist/NWO types Hanoi John, John Kerry, H.W. Bush all have the war hero label. It's makes me wonder if the stories regarding their heroism were all staged just to further their political agenda. Considering what we know about HW Bush ( nazi financiers, Agenda 21, JFK, 9/11, CIA, drug lord, etc) . Maybe I'm drinking too much tin foil this morning but it just seems a little weird.


had documented USS Liberty in details. All those who suffered, their families, and US government had been monetary compensated by Israel via US courts. All testemonies by US sailors and officers were done with their lawyers' coaching to extract the maximum settlement. Israel handed over to Pentagon its recordings of military live communication between Israeli pilots and commanders that proved the pilots had no clue. CIA did not reliease its communication with USS Liberty staff who were on a spying mission during the war.

If they had settled, why is some republican mommy still whining?

⚑ Warning: Zio-troll flag

Ohhhh. It was settled. So it's all okay now, folks. Go on...nothing to see here.

And how exactly do you know this? Link, pretty please.