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Missouri Gov. Nixon Helping Feds Compile a Gun List

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)– Lt. Governor Peter Kinder says the Missouri Department of Revenue is illegally sharing information on concealed gun permit applicants with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“We’re trying to get answers from the Governor and he’s stonewalling us,” Kinder said, “Missourians have a right to know where this policy came from.”

KMOX is awaiting calls back from both Governor Jay Nixon’s office. The Department of Revenue issued a statement saying its operations are “consistent with the protocols of state law.


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I have been ahead of this story

I have been on top of this story since the Missouri Family Network put out a statement concerning the new use of RFID in state issued identification and the DoR's sharing of data with DHS.

I have talked to the Attorney General's office, the Governor's Office, The Lt. Governor's office, the Department of Revenue, and several legislators. I did my weekly internet radio show mostly on this topic and had a 45 minute interview with the attorney who has filed suit on behalf of the CCW permittee.

There are few, if any, who know more about this right now than me. Trust me, I have talked to all parties and I gave each of them new information they were unaware of each time I did.

When I first learned of this story I sent the information to the major newspapers throughout Missouri as well as to Drudge and Infowars.
None of them picked up the story until the lawsuit was filed, and they all approached it from a CCW perspective only, not the larger issue of all IDs and driver's licenses issued.

This is the latest on the Missouri Department of Revenue issue.

Yesterday I talked with the person in charge of driver's licenses at the DoR. From my notes, here is what he had to say.

The bid to replace aging computers went out in 2010. I will be tracking down the bid and post it soon.

The vendor that was awarded the contract, MorphoTrustUSA, owns the equipment which is leased to DoR. DoR pays MorphoTrust on a per card basis. The State of Missouri has been dealing with this company through its many name changes for around 40 years.

According to DoR, there are no RFID chips in the cards. The reason the cards are mailed is they are printed on a 1 million dollar printer that incorporates the latest in security features. There are 182 fee offices in Missouri. The cannot all have this kind of printer on site.

The scanned documents are not retained at the fee offices. They are transmitted to a server in Jefferson City under the control of the Office of Administration. The data is not shared with homeland security. The scanned documents are not accessible by law enforcement, only the driving record and photo.

The scanned documents are not shared with DHS or any other intelligence or law enforcement agency.

Only the photo, signature, and the other information seen on the actual license are transmitted to the printer.

This is contrary to the report of RFID inclusion in the IDs and DHS involvement that was put out by the Missouri Family Network. I have left a message with the President of the MFN to find out where they obtained their information. They claimed their source is a fee office employee that wishes to remain anonymous.

DoR is of the opinion they are not violating any laws with the new procedures. They are in the process of preparing a public statement explaining the new process and the privacy safeguards.

If what the DoR says is true, the fears and concerns many have may be unfounded. If the MFN is right, and DoR is lying, heads will roll, criminal charges will be filed, and lawsuits will spring up everywhere in Missouri.

I am working to get confirmation on what is true.

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Keep us posted

I live in SW Mo and I try and find any info I can when I'm around the computer.

Right on.

Good work!

What would the Founders do?

go man

The people who do the legwork, can determine the outcome of the whole media blizzard. Look out for yourself in the eye of the storm there..