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Central World Government - We the People Are the Enemy - Why America Has to be Destroyed - The Big Picture

Central World Government- We the People Are the Enemy

The elite want a world army to impose the will of a world government on all of us. The army consists of USA, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, all the NATO nations. Drones are the weapon of the NWO and will fly over every nation, including the USA, controlling the masses.

NATO-US is invading and provoking rebellion in nations of the Middle East and Africa in order to facilitate installing puppet governments that obey the will of the world government.

Drones killing people in Pakistan and sanctions on Iran put pressure on China and Russia to come in line with the will of the NWO. Obama has already announced the objective of American troops stationed in Australia and the focus of American foreign policy will be in Asia. Russia and China are being pressured to bend to the will of the NWO.
MAP http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_YBDrxEjEO8c/SZsSO066MLI/AAAAAAAACZ...

Creation of a Global Electronic Currency - All Done by Computer Debits - No Paper Currency or Gold or Silver

Problem - engineered economic catastrophe and collapse of currency
Reaction – demands for change and stability
Solution – create a super state global government and world central bank and a single electronic currency to solve the economic problems; no cash; all electronic.

Why America has to be Destroyed

The world government cannot allow the existence of a super power that might challenge supremacy of the NWO. America is a major super power and the only real threat to the NWO. Drones over America are not for external terrorists, but rather they are for the people of America who may rebel against the will of the world government.

In the end they will control the world by controlling the GMO food, the oil, the medical-pharmo industry and then dole out the necessities of life to the people in subsistence amounts. People kept at a poverty level and taxed to death are unlikely to create a revolution.

This is the old feudal system; the very system our ancestors fought against in the American Revolution, and also the cause of the French and Russian Revolutions; the masses kept at a starvation level while the elite lived like kings. It is the same old story throughout human history; power centralized in the hands of a few; the masses kept in poverty to provide for the needs of the elite.

So how do we end the repeating human cycle of elite centralized power and feudalism, followed by revolution?

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I remember when I was young and . . .

reading history; it seemed that it was always about oppression, and some brave person (Robin Hood, who isn't history, but just as well be)--

would come along and pull the rag tags together--

and fight against injustice, and I can remember thinking, "I hope I'm always on the side of right"--


"I would do this or that"--

and then I grew up and realized I was one of billions of humans on the earth--

so I've tried to be on the 'side of right' on a more personal level--

one person at a time--

it's a hard world--

life is hard, isn't it?

As a Christian, when I hear people say, "where is God if He would allow such a terrible world?"--

I answer to myself, "this is the ultimate test of the character of the children God sent to this place--to put those children into the most difficult of circumstances, where their mettle is tested."--

Sometimes the battle gets old.

I know that there are those who think *we* have it easy; I know that growing up in America after WWII I had the best of what can be had in the world--

but I also had the best brainwashing that can be had! LOL!

And then waking up is a painful experience, even if one begins the process while still young--

those of *us* who have been given the best (of everything) have the best to give--

(that sounded trite; sorry)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Guess I beleive we come here on a mission.

Everyone seems to have one, although it can be frustrating because results are slow to come. But I think we are the evidence of the awakening, and that is something that cannot be undone.

As every pixel on the screen contributes to the picture, so do each of us contribute to the collective picture on Earth at this time. Each is a unique and important contribution in an evolving scene.

sometimes it is good to be reminded of this--

in other words, amen.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The Million Dollar Question:

"So how do we end the repeating human cycle of elite centralized power and feudalism, followed by revolution?"

I don't know. I think Ron Paul's way is an intellectual revolution.

I do not see any other way than the intellectual revolution.

But will it be soon enough to forestall this cycle of centralized power followed by revolution?

It is a certainty that the human spirit will not conform to being ruled or enslaved for long. Sooner or later it will rebel.

I wonder that the elitists do not get that message? Although, they are trying mind programming this time around, but that has not worked on everyone.

Interesting that there is a recent debate on this subject

"History... So It Doesn't Repeat: A debate on the concepts of "authority", "government", and the "state", featuring author Larken Rose vs. Tom Willcutts (attorney for TradedyAndHope.com)."


I am listening to it now.

Larken Rose is all that

What's the tragedy and hope all about? Is that some kind of homage to limited-hangout fraudster Caroll Quigley?

I don't know

I think they just named the website after Quigley's book. From what I understand that book, if read, explains what we see going on today. However, I have not read it. I've just heard people talking about it.

This is the 2nd time I have seen Tragedy and Hope website linked on the DP. The first time I saw it it was in reference to John Taylor Gatto and 5 Hours worth of history lessons. I listened to them and enjoyed them. That is about all I know about the webstie. I haven't listened to much of the debate yet.

Thank you for the link

I suppose I should have just listened in the first place so I could grab a bit of a clue.

Gatto is also the man. Iserbyt too, ha.

No Problem

Gave me a chance to talk to Vanmind :) I learned of Iserbyt before Gatto. From Iserbyt I learned about Major Jordan's Diary and also learned about Antony Sutton at that time. Isn't the internet grand!

I have also called it up

to listen to it. Thanks.

Bump for truth.

Always good to remind people of the big picture.

What would the Founders do?


Tried to pull together what is happening globally. The media never presents more than one little piece of the picture.