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Weekend Watching and Contemplation

In this version of "Dante's Inferno," Dante comes back from the crusades to marry is beloved Beatrice only to discover that she has been killed and that Satin is taking her to hell because of a wager he made with her. Satin wagers that Dante would be unfaithful to Beatrice and she accepts. Upon her death satin comes to claim her soul as the price of the wager and Dante pursues him into Hell in order to save his beloved.

What he come to realize is that, in order to save Beatrice from her fate with Satin, Dante must come to terms with his own sins, acknowledge them, and take responsibility for them.

We in the liberty movement might learn well from Dante as we strive to save our liberty from the clutches of evil.

I submitted this earlier: http://www.dailypaul.com/277098/we-are-dante-and-beatrice-is...

I think its important enough that it deserves a second mention: http://www.dailypaul.com/277098/we-are-dante-and-beatrice-is...

it's also vaguely entertaining as well. Enjoy the weekend.

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