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The Department of Veteran Affairs might be coming for me.

I tried to maintain a sense of calm but got a bit agitated at the outright thievery the VA is committing upon me and who knows how many others.
Seven years ago I made the mistake to go to our regional VA hospital to take advantage of their cut rate price on medications to control my hypertension. While the cost savings were appreciable I found the quality of care to be substandard and returned to my regular physician after about six months. All my life I have been a dutiful subject and relinquished much of my hard earned monies to the government, usually more than required which allows me a decent refund check every year. For the last six years I have had my return attached by the sum of $61.88 by the VA. I have tried repeatedly to get to the bottom of this matter, some times spending up to four hours on the phone, but this year I finally received an explanation.
It seems that they had an account balance of $1.59 which each year would rollover to $61.88 after administrative fees were added. No one can explain to me where this $1.59 was incurred or why it wasn't taken out of my return the first year they attached it.
This was a bit much to calmly accept and I voiced my displeasure with the individual whom I was speaking with over the transparent collusion between the Treasury Department and the VA to extract funds from veterans. I really don't think it could be construed as a threat but I told the individual I would contact my Senators, which I have done, but it still is in the back of my mind that there could shortly be a knock on my door.

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