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Dick Proenneke: Alone in the Wilderness

Richard Louis "Dick" Proenneke (born May 4, 1916 – April 20, 2003)


Proenneke was an American naturalist who lived alone in the high mountains of Alaska at a place called Twin Lakes. Living simply in a log cabin he constructed by hand, Proenneke made valuable recordings of both meteorological and natural data.

Alone in the Wilderness: http://www.vplay.ro/watch/x1wx2u2v/

This is a documentary put together from what he filmed while he was there and narrated from the journal he kept.

He was a fisherman, carpenter, hunter, and diesel mechanic.

All the docs and books may be purchased here: http://www.dickproenneke.com

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A friend loaned me this awhile back

Excellent story about a man getting back to a "simpler" way of life. I say simpler but this guy hand built everything he needed almost. His cabin, buckets, utensils, hinges for his door, bed, shelving, sled and a whole host of other things with his own two hands, an axe and some wood tools.

He was one of my inspirations to take up a long time dream of mine to get back to nature. I just wish I had taken off in my 20's.

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