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China mercilessly to build 29 reactors

Amazing - The Chinese will be the biggest builder and exporter of nuclear reactors and nuclear technology.

...and it has the West to thank for it and most likely the USSR too. Reactors and the technology were given to China for free in the 80's as I recall at taxpayer expense.

Where are the environmentalists? Seems they have lots of repenting to do :)


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China may be deprived of oil for energy

because of sanctions on Iran. Perhaps going nuclear is their solution. Lots of NWO politics being played in that part of the world. China and Russia are being pressured to bend to the will of the NWO as NATO-US, the NWO army, presses forward to their doorstep. War in Iran and drones bombing Pakistan.

MAP of region. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_YBDrxEjEO8c/SZsSO066MLI/AAAAAAAACZ...