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'Americans who communicate with a terrorist put their life in danger'

This is what you hear from those still championing Obama's drone program. I just watched a segment from Morning Joe and Harold Ford Jr. stated that he supports the potential use of lethal force on Americans dining with an enemy combatant.

To quote him: "If you socialize, dine with, spend time with known terrorists who are on a list of those who want to do harm to America, you put yourself at peril.”

Let me repeat that: they believe that if an American is dining or in communication with an enemy combatant that they could be at risk to a drone attack.

So to that end i ask this:

What about Jimmy Dushku and Dennis Rodman?


Forget about men in the Middle East and North Africa hiding under trees, this is a regime that actually is threatening the use of a nuclear weapon.

What does Ford and those with his opinion think about this? Does Obama have the right to send a drone to each of these men? Should Dennis Rodman be fearful of his life? Because the way i understand what Ford said, Dennis Rodman's life is in peril from a drone attack.

I think this is a great example of how scary such a view and such a policy is, especially when you look at how broadly the White House defines an enemy combatant and an imminent threat.

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potential use of lethal force on Americans dining with terrorist

It's called collateral damage.

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The correct term is "combatant"

If you engage in any of these activities with a known "target"...