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Libertarian whippersnapper vs. crotchety establishment

Rand Paul has just buried John McCain. A first class whooping.

This article concludes with the menu at Plume, where the President fed the "crotchety" old-guard.

"Perhaps McCain and Graham hadn't yet digested the sumptuous peace dinner feast Democrat Obama put on for them and 10 other Republican senators at Plume, a fancy gourmet restaurant in Washington.

I checked the menu. Plume offers $85 meals, including Lobster "Thermidor" with a white wine saffron galcage and herbed baby potatoes; Moulard Duck Breast; and filet of beef with truffled potato mousseline, bone marrow and Madeira Jus.

And Rand Paul? As they feasted, he stood on his feet in the Senate, hour after hour, defending the Constitution and the rights of Americans not to be executed without trial...."


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