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Actress Ashley Judd to run against Mitch McConnell. Judd political interview added.

Ashley Judd has yet to officially announce her political aspirations, but a source with intimate knowledge of the situation tells FOX411's Pop Tarts column the actress is preparing herself to challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his Kentucky seat in 2014.

Judd, 44, has reportedly been meeting with well-financed Democratic donors, and last week ventured to Washington D.C for more public engagements.According to Don Peebles, Chairman and CEO of The Peebles Corporation, a member of President Obama's National Finance Committee, and Vice-Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, a Judd run is likely much more than a Hollywood fantasy.


EDIT: Video proof added.


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She might win

Mitch has to overcome having Jesse Benton on his team.

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What is it about her that makes you think she'll win?


I believe

This was intended as a slight to Benton rather than a compliment to her in any way.

This is not a bad thing. McConnell is not really a Republican.

Now he is going to have to move right even further if he expects anyone to get excited about his campaign.

I am sorry, I just can't bring myself to cry over the likes of Dick Lugar.

And that is who McConnell is.

If he had stood with conservatives when it wasn't convenient then I would be worried.

But my guess is he will try to play both sides of the fence and Judd is just too popular for anyone to care about an old man who has demonstrated time and again that he doesn't believe what he says.

There will probably be a lot of money spent on this race by conservatives for nothing.

Dick Lugar was infinitely

Dick Lugar was infinitely better than the current crop of neocons infesting the Congress.