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We need a graphic

I'm not all that image savvy, and I'm hoping someone who is can help me out.

Reading so many comments, I've come to realize people so often misuse the label "Tea Party." Liberals use it against any Red politician they happen to dislike at any given moment. For example, on John McCain's facebook page, I found a comment saying:
"It's Tea-party nut jobs like you that got us into this mess! You can't blame me and other Democrats for the results!!"

Since when was J.McCain a tea-partier?

Now, Republicans also misuse the term and often label anybody that doesn't go along with the old-guard 'tea-party' even if they don't really fit the bill.

I'm requesting a graphic that shows 3 or 4 commonly mislabeled "tea-partiers" and 3 or 4 genuine tea-partiers portraits, along with a short bullet point for each one as to why they are or are not genuine Tea-Party.

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