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Rush is going to bat for Rand right now, calling out "neocons"


Yesterday was the first day I listened to him , in order to hear the Rand interview. Jack Hunter just tipped me off that Rush is still defending Rand against the old guard. He is allowing "our" people to call in.

The world is upside down.

The end.

Edit: I dislike Rush as much as the next guy. But the fact that people on here literally say they would rather people not get the message at all than for them to find out about it from X, Y, or Z is mind blowing. It's almost as if you don't want the movement to grow, insane.

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I suspect that Rand's ambition makes him pliable

and Constitutionalist-corporatist chameleons are always in demand. (By corporatist, I'm talking about his support for the military-industrial complex, of course.)

Just like Obama: originally he seemed like a Constitutionalist, but always behaved like a corporate puppet to a "T."

Though of course Rand has much more character than the President, if only by virtue of his upbringing. So Rand may be planning "a bait and switch" on the powers that be...but if they can't see that coming from a mile away, they really don't deserve to be puppet masters.

I think they might try and pull a bait and switch on Rand: stroking his ego for the next few years, and then giving him the boot at the last minute (like they did with Sarah Palin.)

He wants to stay relevant and edgy.


I hope that the number of

I hope that the number of upvotes to your post indicates that there is still a slight majority of people involved on here that see the value in traditionally non-liberty politicians and radio hosts spreading the word to their listeners about one or two liberty ideas. Who cares who takes the credit.

With Rush on Our Side....

With Rush on our side, we got this thing whooped! lol

No, seriously....every little bit helps and Rush speaking our talking points is a very good thing.

I agree with your observation

I agree with your observation of the people acting like children OMGGGGG i hate rush ewwww .. grow up people .. if you want the movement to grow ... you will take every crack in the wall as an opportunity to push liberty forward

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Rush IS a Neocon... !?

Rush IS a Neocon...


Bump Bump Bump

not a rush fan but this is good. Rand Paul 2016

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Rand Paul 2016

Rush got flipped back in 1992...

...when he went to dine with George H.W. Bush (aka Spookdaddy) at the White House. That sinister ex-spook probably made him an offer he couldn't refuse. After the 20-year-long moral, social, economic and political unraveling that we've all lived through since that betrayal, perhaps Rush has some regrets.

It's about time he flipped back. Welcome back, Rush.

(If the forces of darkness can flip an asset to their side, why can't we flip the asset back to the light? Isn't turnabout fair play? To deny this would only concede to evil, not just their assets, but, ultimately, victory itself. This we should never do.)

The easiest way to bring more people to the cause, is to go with

it and use Limbaughs platform. If he is allowing us "COOKS" to call in , then "OPEN THE CAGE DOOR AND FLY IN" for crying out loud!

there are some here stuck in a moment

the point is to influence people in influential positions... that is how you win.

thanks for the post.


did rush actually call them neocons?

"They, I think, are worried

"They, I think, are worried that Rand Paul might be skillful enough to move the Republican mainstream away from the McCain, Kristol, neoconservatism view of the world and toward a position that is not as extreme as his father's, but is suspicious of interventionism, suspicious of Islamic democracy building, suspicious of financial and military support for dubious regimes."

he did. I heard it just a

he did. I heard it just a couple hours ago.

Thomas Jefferson 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Rand Paul 2016, 2020.

lol! I always thought the GOP


I always thought the GOP would return to it's non-interventionist roots, but not in ONE WEEK.

Serious people? Are we not

Serious people? Are we not going to take whatever we can to bring everyone over to our side. Yes Rush sucks. Yes, he is a big time neocon, teocon, or whatever it takes to get ratings. Sadly however, media does control A LOT of thought in our country and if we can get media to agree with us on major issues like the drones how is that a bad thing? We do really need to stop preaching to the choir and get our message out there to everyone. We have to be a least a little bit willing to welcome people in and have discussions. We should give people a chance to come around. Most of us here were not born libertarian, we found a path to it and should help others find that path as well, even if it means spreading our message through lame stream media pundits. Any way we get the message to the public ears is a plus.

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Rush is glowing about Rand

So stop sniveling like a bunch of 13 year old girls and use this as a stepping stone. This is a great opportunity to bring R's into our camp. But y'all are too busy talking about which boy didn't take you to the dance last year :(

Y'all sound pathetic


Activism is stupid, unless you plan on actually converting others. I know that both of my neocon parents called me about Rush and said "maybe you were right"

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Defending Rush sounds pathetic to me

I don't need to use Rush for anything.

But political activism...

...has nothing to do with anything other than using people.

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I guess I am not a political activist then because I am not interested in Ingram/Krauthammer/Norquist/Beck/Hannity/Limbaugh or whoever else people think I should be rallying around. I guess I will just be an activist without putting the word political in front of it.

I am not going to use someone who has spent years of his life using his voice and influence to prop up aggression and violence. I'll do it my own way without him or them.

Thank you

Thank you for not being a political activist. The other kind of activist is an economic activist.

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He is not going to bat for anyone

He just likes the sound of his own voice.

It is impossible for him to be calling out neocons because those who live in glass fucking houses would never throw stones.


What are these neocon shills going to do? Diss Rand right now? NOT. Rand rules the roast right now. All these 'teaparty' shills have to follow in line or else they will lose precious viewership and more importantly, support for the status quo. They are in damage control right now. I will sit back and watch them squirm.

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I am glad you agree because... well... like I said in the jam session, I was a bit firey this afternoon when I logged in.

I just can't support some of these people, and I can't promote them because I have spent years promoting non aggression.

You are right in the other thread. WAHOR!

☼ fire on ☼

Never give in to nonsense!

Rush is calling out neocons?

Well, at least he does know his own kind.

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tee hee

(()) credits to Granger.


Every time these neocons cheer Rand on the dirtier it feels for me. *barf*

One thing is for certain. No matter how much they seem to love Rand now, they will NEVER let Rand shut down the war machine/empire for Israel. And neocons love big govt and they will never let him shut that down either. It is their source of power and control over society.

The Neoconservative Persuasion -- Irving Kristol

And the christian zionists who currently seem enamored of Rand will never allow him to stop the flow of military goodies to Israel because they believe God will curse America if we don't "bless" Israel. They also believe military provocation in the region is necessary for Jesus to return. And they are not flexible on any on this. It's not "on the table".

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That's why we need to identify and vote out the neocons.

We need to identify liberty candidates that are willing to run against them in the primaries in 2014 and throw our support behind them. Begin organizing to get these candidates on the ballots. We should look at Ron Paul's delegates from the last election and take the best and get them on the ballots. I think we can pull this off if we start now. It's time to organize.

Good luck...

explaining to the voters why they should vote out neocons who are cheering on Rand for his "sensible libertarianism" which allows for supporting wars for Israel (perpetual war).

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~