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Jane Fonda

In Senator McCain’s preposterous statements against Rand Paul’s filibuster, he focused in on his comments regarding Jane Fonda. Rand Paul asked… ““Are you going to drop. . . a Hellfire missile on Jane Fonda?” McCain is using this as a way to discredit Paul and make him seem ridiculous, but in reality, this should make us realize the increase in government authority to target dissidents.

If an American did the exact same thing that Jane Fonda did during the Vietnam War today, he/she would be stripped of their constitutional rights and be subject to assassination by the US government. Imagine an American going overseas to actively support our enemies, support and preach in favor of our enemy. She could be declared an enemy combatant and subject to assassination. If she was in Yemen, raising support for and aiding Al-Qaida (similar to what she did for the North Vietnamese), she would be subject to assassination under the current system.

So when we look at this analogy, we should not think it to be ridiculous, rather we should be shocked by the unprecedented increase in the government’s powers and the disastrous decrease in our rights. There have already been people black-bagged, renditioned, tortured, and assassinated for just having associations with terrorist groups. This is not a bizarre analogy, it is a dead on, frightening example of our loss of basic rights. I don’t condone someone helping or associating with terrorists, but that doesn’t mean that person has lost their rights to a trial, lost their right to life. And who the hell can decide at what point their rights no longer apply? Obama? Brennan?

I'd like to see McCain to reply that that question.

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I had forgotten her Vietnam war protests

and her going to North Vietnam essentially aiding their cause.

In today's kill, kill, kill world she would have been targeted already.

And to think CNN blacked the filibuster out. WOW! Ted Turner must not like his wife anymore.

Ted and Jane...

divorced in 2001 and he doesn't own CNN anymore.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~