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Whole Foods: Products Will Carry GMO Labeling

By Candice Choi | My Fox DC | March 8, 2013

NEW YORK (AP) - Whole Foods says all products in its North American stores that contain genetically modified ingredients will be labeled as such by 2018.

The company says it's the first national grocery chain to set such a deadline for labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. A spokeswoman for the supermarket operator said organic foods will not have to carry the labels since they do not contain genetically modified ingredients by definition.

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Wow a lot of you guys really don't get it...

This is a genius move.

The reason why WF is giving their vendors 5 years is because it's obvious that food companies won't want to advertise on their packaging "Our ingredients are Genetically Modified" etc... So WF is giving every food vendor the next 5 years to replace their GMO ingredients with non-GMO ingredients.

Honestly, this move by Whole Foods might be the single greatest reason why GMO ingredients cease to exist in our future food supply.

Glad to see a sense of urgency

5 years?!?! WTF? lmao. wow

I am amazed and dumfounded at some of the comments posted

IMHO Whole Foods decision to wait another 5 years is a blatant market ploy. Why not start today by creating a GMO section stocked with known GMO products from known GMO vendors? Why because most customers will refuse to purchase those profitable products .

I have nothing against Whole Foods or John Mackey. I have followed his talks on Conscious Capitalism for the past 6 years. But where as most of the planets civilized countries have outlawed GMO products, our country and the FDA supporting corporations continue to put profits before transparency. Why? Because people are worth more sick than healthy. Why? Because healthy people don't need insurance, drugs or surgeries.

I don't need to start a grocery store before I am entitled to voice my opinion. I choose to support my local health conscious farmers an businesses. Healing health and liberty all begin and are sustained al the local level.

90% GMO free food sources are better than 100% GMO food sources. Local farmers (your neighbors) can also communicate the types and levels of , insecticides , antibiotics, growth stimulants, hormones and pesticides in the products they grow and sell.

If you question the quality of your food set it out for a few days and see if it rots or if the bugs will eat it.

IMHO waiting 5 years to implement accountability, transparency and conscious capitalism is pretty weak and nothing but a marketing ploy.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

You can complain about this

You can complain about this awesome decision when you decide to start a grocery store from scratch and turn it into the most successful natural foods business in the world that sells the most non-gmo and organic food than any other in the world. You've gotta be an idiot to have a problem with this. They're the first to do it. Plus, the CEO (John Mackey) openly supports Ron Paul, putting all political odds against him. Also, he wrote an awesome book called Conscious Capitalism everyone should check out.

great! but not until 2018??

Why is it going to take 5 years?

Because they source from

Because they source from maybe hundreds of thousands of small farmers and vendors across the planet who need to be informed to test millions of products.


"Whole Foods" has GMO food in their store???

Is that kinda like "Patriot Act?"

This'll be a while

no guarantee they'll follow through. Though I like WH


"The world has never known more oppressive governments or bigger governments than those which profess the cult of liberty." - Donald Sanborn

Woop dee do dah

When they start labeling the crap they import from China get back to me.

πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

This is how it is done.

Use this to pressure other chains.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

I call on my DP friends to help clarify for me

I went to my local seed store and they had a letter posted from a local seed company - Hart seed here in CT - a very respectable company.

The letter was basically the company clarifying the term GMO. They explained that GMO is perfectly ok - it is nothing more than creating seed from two separate varieties - done naturally by cross pollinating. They contend that what most people are calling GMO is actually GE- genetically engineered.

Please take a look at this link

What do you guys think? I am not claiming to know the answer - only to ask what you all think.

Semantically, they are correct. In reality, they are lying.

Most of us who have a grip on the GMO problem understand that difference quite clearly. Cross pollination, culling weak plants, grafting - there are many ways to create hybrids that have been done since the first gardener saved a seed. Most of us using the term "GMO" are BUYING heirloom seed. We understand that the word "organic" is now watered down to be nearly meaningless, and that GMO is contaminating even our precious heirlooms because the genetically engineered seed is out of their control. Now they are trying to cover their butts by muddying the water more.
Maybe the average consumer is confused, but the average farmer is not.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

the article is technically right but people call "GE", "GMO"

i think it's just a case of semantics.

It's sort of like if I say "don't drink Coke" instead of "don't drink soda". The name is different even though I'd be talking about the same unhealthy beverage.

Very interesting article.

Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing this perspective on GMO vs. GE. I will take this info into consideration the next time I discuss GMOs with others.

- Brennan

"....it supports the

"....it supports the voluntary labeling for people who seek out such products. "

NO ONE "seeks" for GMO products, exactly the opposite.

I can almost hear their facsimile machine

spewing out miles of paper threats of lawsuits coming from Monsanto. This won't stand they will quietly drop this like a hot potato.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Consumer Demand

The only moral way to get what you want from a company without begging the nanny state to get it for you.

5 more years of poisonous profits,

while they continue to train employees to lie about the ingredients. Support your local organic farmers and co-ops.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Local Farmers have ABSOLUTELY no standards, no trusted

3rd Party verification -- just their word.

The problem with verification of safety - non-GMO - soil composition - handling is that they are not site-tested often enough to know if the practice is still on-going and as individuals we NEVER know, because we do not know how to test for these things and if we do know we are not testing EVERYTHING.

So the best-way.......is to grow it all yourself.

Anything else is "faith" -- pure and simple.

this is very misleading. Do

this is very misleading. Do you have proof that the company is training them to explicitly lie about their ingredients or are you just venting? I have multiple friends who work for whole foods and I have heard that they train their employees to be knowledgeable about such things but not one employee can possible know if each and every product has GMOs or not so having labels is a great way to be honest and transparent to their customers without them getting mad for finding out that they had some 18 year old worker tell them false information. I have watched that video of employees telling customers different things about their GMO policy but just because some employees give false information doesn't mean that they are getting orders to lie....that is just stretching it. People are humans which means they are prone to make mistakes, even in the workplace.

Their is not a conspiracy about every corner!!!

You go Wholefoods!!!

- Brennan

How is this for proof? (from a 5 minute Google search)

Whole Foods confirms it knowingly sells products containing Monsanto's genetically modified corn: Don't ask, don't tell!
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037413_Whole_Foods_Monsanto_GMO.h...

Whole Foods Market has publicly stated its support of California’s Proposition 37 but refused to contribute one cent to to the effort ( because it's not their policy.

Whole Foods Admits Selling GMOs - Tell Them Where They Can Stick It (the "May Contain GMOs" Label, That Is). By Alexis Baden-Mayer, Esq., Political Director, Organic Consumers Association, February 2, 2011.
Angry consumers have been sending letters to Whole Foods Market, asking them why they accepted the USDA's specious proposal for "coexistence" between organic and GMOs and why they don't do more to protect and inform consumers about the (non-organic) food they sell that contains GMOs.

Whole Foods caught in GMO marketing deception, false advertising – here’s the proof

A $10MM company can well afford to train its employees to understand the basics about about it's products, (i.e. whether foods are poisonous or not). Your choice to believe in Whole Foods is noted. I personally would rather would rather believe in Santa Clause and support my local organic farmers.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

the trolling is weak. the

the trolling is weak. the organic consumers association is like the moveon.org of anti-monsanto activism, funded by merck. whole foods has done more for organic food consumers and farmers than any little political organization. every grocery chain store in the nation sells gmo's. it's so stupid to be hysterical about any of them just selling gmo's.


I disagree.

Their is not a conspiracy about every corner!!!

There most definitely is... nearly every gd dmn corner...

Now if you love Whole Foods as you seem to you should be taking the information (possibly rumor) and go look it up. Instead you've just IGNORED what he said and gotten our your pom-poms for a LARGE CORPORATION who puts GMO/GE whatever foods in their stores when I FOR ONE would go in there thinking I was buying WHOLE FOODS.

Again... I don't think YOU suck... I think YOUR BELIEFS SUCK...


because you're STUCK to them and you're not capable of taking conflicting information and INSTANTLY seeking to see if your beliefs need to be ADJUSTED! That's what a SHEEP DOES!

oh no! a large corporation..

oh no! a large corporation.. dear god, help save us from the large corporation that brings us more organic food than any other in the world! *face-to-the-palm*

how will they know which

how will they know which products contain GMO ingredients if food processors are not required to label their ingredients as GMO?

That's probably why they are

That's probably why they are waiting until 2018. They'll need to give their suppliers time to trace the ingredients back.

I think this might start a

I think this might start a trend.

When CA was going through their vote on GMO-labeling, there was a lot of debate on the DP about whether it should pass or not. Pure free-marketers claimed that government shouldn't force any company to label anything, while others were saying that we have the right to know.

I'm still with one foot in each camp. I "get" both sides of the argument.

I think this is showing that the pure free-market concept is slowly working. There has been enough of a public outcry that companies are seeing that the customers will buy if they are labeled, so they are starting to label.

When Whole Foods explodes because customers will refuse to buy GMO products, other grocers will have to do the same to keep up.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

LOL 2018. What a JOKE. Why

LOL 2018. What a JOKE. Why not in 6 months.

This is just a ploy. Monsanto wants you to think they are working hard. This will be palced on the back burners. ZZzz

maybe it's 2018 because they

maybe it's 2018 because they have to get all the info for over 1,000,000 different products from hundreds of different distributors who need to analyze all their ingrediets to verify if they indeed have GMOs?

2018 seems like a very short time in my book considering their incredibly large number of products that they have in store. I am quite impressed that they are promising to have all their products labeled GMO or not. This seems pretty interesting. I hope this is more than a PR stunt to get more progressives to shop at their store again.

- Brennan