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Shep Smith Grills McCain Over His Rand Paul Criticism,

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is an asshat.

Reagan's motto was PEACE through Strength.

Reagan also said that his biggest mistake was the 241 Marines being killed in Lebanon. Reagan pulled out of Lebanon after the attack and said it was an error.

Darth Cheney blasted Reagan in the press for pulling out of Lebanon. Reagan referred to Cheney and his friends as "the crazy people down the hall"

Reagan kept us put of major war during his 8 years. Nothing but small conflicts and proxy wars.

McShame is missing out on the PEACE part of Reagan's motto. McShame is OWNED by the MIC and he is a war mongering war profiteer.


This interview shows the brillance of what Rand did.

This interview is just one example of what has been on the televison news. Rand's filibuster got a left leaning journalist, Shep, to take on the sacred cow, John McCain. McCain even used a quote from the Wall Street Journal, possibly the most left leaning news source in our country, to justify his attack on Rand. Rand definitely stirred the pot.

Have we finally won? Is the

Have we finally won? Is the brushfire finally spreading throughout the country? Dr. Paul always said one person couldn't do it by himself, but rather the ideas of liberty need to be pervasive throughout society to effect change. I think the revolution is finally here. Members of the DP should pat themselves on the back as we were a small part of lighting the brushfire. Great job everyone! Keep it up! If Ron had not trailblazed with his supporters help, then the path would not be near as clear as it is for Rand and the liberty movement. Thank you Dr. Paul!

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

dang, he musta got one of them giant gobstoppers

That thing is still in there!

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

McCain's political platform

Perpetual war and infinite debt to make the United States safe and rich.

McCain the Great Insulter(rant)

Besides demeaning liberty loving college students,McCain's criticism also derogated older people who support the principles of liberty by implying that libertarian college students
only would support Rand Paul's stand for the Constitution.

As if mature,thoughtful adults would never consider such ideas as valid. As if the positions of liberty loving college students are somehow of a lesser order because they are held by younger people. I'm over sixty and agree with those college students on many issues.

McCain has shown himself to be great at twisting things into insults. Recently I watched a video of a town hall type meeting he held during which he was extremely insulting and dismissive to a person who was questioning him.

We are his employers. He is not our boss. I think that instead of letting these so-called public servants decide when and where and how these meetings are held,we,the people should set the time,place and circumstances. They are supposed to work for us,not vice-versa.

In the past,he grossly insulted the hard working people of this country by saying that we couldn't do the farm work that illegal immigrants can do. If I recall correctly,he said that we couldn't even pick lettuce if we were paid $50 an hour. Why didn't he just puke in our faces,it would have been more honest.

Now he has descended into even more scurrilous rhetoric in his attack on Rand Paul and those who supported him during the filibuster.

He insults everyone of us,regardless of race,creed,political affiliation when he abjures those who uphold the Constitution.

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McCain is totally out of touch.

McCain spoke those words like the true neocon that he is. He used the same tired old arguments as America sinks more and more into debt.

He keeps referencing "Peace through Strength"

Well, Little John, name one time when there was PEACE! He kept referencing one war after another. "DO we wanna go back to post-World War I? I believe in Ronald Reagan's Peace through STrength!" Bulls*T! He believes in WAR! He wants pummeling into submission through force...military force and occupation. He's immersed in conflict and battle! It was taught to him from birth and manifested and reinforced with his POW sentence. He never made peace with himself for "losing a war." He's never ended it.

I personally knew a guy who was a sailor on the AC that McCain was flying from when he was captured. He said he and about 12 others were throwing a celebration after they heard he was captured! He was a hot-dogging powder keg. He cost many lives of flight deck guys from his recklessness. They were thrilled he was gone! It's a shame that vets like him- those who truly savor war- wind up in offices of power.


really had him stumbling for a second then he let up on the old turd. If these so-called journalist want remain relevant they have to get back to asking the hard questions and not letting worms like McCain squirm free. McCain says Reagan won the cold war, he bought the cold war with fiat money he didn't have. Gorbachev is more responsible for ending the cold war than Reagan was. Notice every time McCain gets on the defense he brings up his time in Vietnam. Sorry dude you used up that sympathy card 20 years ago.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

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He would have more of my respect...

had he DIED in Viet Nam 45 years ago!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


Ouch, that's kinda harsh. I disagree with the man intensely but I am glad he survived that awful, illegal war. I wish it never happened and no one died. Unfortunately it did, and lots of people both Vietnamese and American lost their lives. Mostly Vietnamese.

How someone like Senator McCain, who has known firsthand the horror that is war, can sit there and be so glib about sending our young people off to die, I'll never know. A long time ago, I had a great deal of respect for John McCain. I thought he was the kind of guy who wouldn't repeat the mistakes of the past. This past decade has proved my previous opinion entirely wrong. The sooner the war crazies like him get sent out to pasture, the better.

Down with the masters of war.

You know - five years ago before I founf this

site - I would have been fuming you would say such a thing.

Now - you may be onto something. Does he not realize the death and devastation he has brought to this world. Seems someone who went through what he did would be the loudest voice against war - but there he is -more more more war.

Sad old man.

His name is listed...

...on almost every secret society there is and is a huge NWO dude. And don't forget, he was one of the authors of NDAA! That says it all!

Hell has a special place for John McCain.

McCain will be down there with Hitler, Stalin, and all the other creeps that took us to war with Iraq.

As a retired US Army NCO, let me say that McCain is no hero of mine. He is a traitor who caused the deaths of many good sailors.

Anyone notice his distain...

Anyone notice his clear distain for college students?

"Senator Paul needs to do more than pull stunts that fire up American kids in college dorms..."

McCain's tone was so dismissive, I guess the GOP hopes to reduce its ranks to only white uneducated people over the age of 40? Doing a bang up job so far...

I must admit it.

That was pretty good, other than every second I had to listen to John McCain rambling on about how he's the party of Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan: "I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is Libertarianism"

I wonder what John McCain thinks of as a Neocons heart and soul.

I lol'ed

When McCain started backpedaling...

Reagan thought Big Government was the problem...

And I wonder if McCain "stood with Reagan" like Ron did

Back when only 4 members of congress stood w/ Reagan (of course Ron was one). And Ron also ran for president in 1988 because he felt like Reagan didn't live up to his ideals (which Ron, as usual, was correct about).

You know whats ludicrous John...

The fact we are even debating this...

Oh my God... means justifying an end...this guy is in a tailspin and doesn't know a way out. Hey John, if terrorist jihadists are around, we have guns, we're cool. 5,000 in 350,000,000, I'll take my chances, also noting, I drive everyday, there is your proof.

What an asshole...


With the vietnam stuff, how long are you going to ride this... Ok, wait, how much do we spend on military, whats the percentage, and what was the percentage during Reagen? Guy is so in the bag for the war machine it's disgusting.

McCain is incredibly difficult to watch

I have absolutely nothing but distain for someone like him. He is the poster boy for all that has been wrong with congress for many years now. Anyone who had anything to do with the NDAA has lost all credibility and I will never be able to trust them again... ever!

Remember when his face WASN'T lopsided?

I remember when his face wasn't lopsided, then all of a sudden he gets this big bulge on the side of his face. What causes that? Half the time I don't hear what he is saying because I keep starring at his big lumpy face.

Iodine Deficiency


Ironically, low Iodine also effects I.Q.

Just look at Al Gore's pics at the link...

Scroll all the way down to see Ron Paul.

I've heard some say that is

I've heard some say that is where the WMDs are hidden.



I know what you mean,

I have found myself distracted by that bulge. I have often wondered if the problem concerning the bulge has perhaps traveled into his brain and made him the mental midget and anti constitutionalist he is today.


needs to be investigated on war crimes and fascilitation with dictatorships. He propped up every dictator and armed every dangerous group in the Middle East, including Hezballah

Disgusting so called Representative of the People

These people like McCain are insane, & just pushing fearmongering to further their agenda, trying to brainwash the masses into believing a terrorist is behind every corner and the USA itself has become a battle ground. If this were true Martial Law is not to far off. He said it right here in this interview, the US itself is part of the battle field. Please correct me if I've interperted this wrongly.

Smith did a good job and it

Smith did a good job and it angered McCain who tried to turn it around with the other "i" word, isolationist. The man is a warmonger.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

He (McCain)

Turns my stomach.