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Chris Matthews Blasts John McCain For Rand Paul Attack

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4 minutes for me too


I am sure Chris has fans somewhere out there.


Did y'all watch the entire segment?

Towards the end (paraphrasing):

"I see a lot of common ground where libertarian republicans and progressive democrats can work together against a government that has encroached too far upon our liberties"

... Awesome

No truer words

"Freedom is popular."—Ron Paul

Cynthia Tucker said Ron Paul's name. Twice.

Holy s. Das ist verbotten!

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Paradigm shift

You know the paradigm is shifting when Matthews and Rush criticize the same U.S. Senator on the same day.

don't be fooled.

don't be fooled.

Fooled about what?

That pundits and politicians flip-flop or that Rand's stand has changed the dialogue?

wasn't it Mathews who said

wasn't it Mathews who said that hate groups love Rand Paul?

Praise for Ron Paul

from Cynthia Tucker a progressive columnist. To follow up on what TJV123 said below, Tucker said that she thought Ron Paul was very serious about civil liberties and that is common cause for all groups to come together.

progressives hate civil

progressives hate civil liberties.

I couldn't watch but...

4 minutes of this crap until I turned it off... My God!... I really do think these people are a cancer in this world.

I am soooo fcking done with "PUNDITS"... I would rather go drink my brain stupid before watching that again.

On second thought...

I think I'll take myself up on that offer... have a good weekend everyone!

Mathews is a liar. He loves

Mathews is a liar. He loves what McCain has done and said. all this is- is reading the public sentiment and going along with it. Mathews is an A#1 POS. He hates what Rand Paul said and does not support his right to say it.



He OUGHT to blast Lawrence ODonnell and

Rachael Maddow and Ed all on the left MSNBC.

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The conversation extended to

The conversation extended to the 16 yr old American Child assassination. Which is the point.

The woman gave great praise of RON around 11 mins. Matthews pretended he didn't hear it.

Rand Paul is uniting our

Rand Paul is uniting our country!!!!

He appeals to the left, the middle, and the New right.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

As his father said

"The purpose of government is to protect liberty" and "Freedom is popular."

Rand is merely the messanger

Expanding on your statement. Liberty appeals to the left, the middle, and the New right.

Check out the comments on any

Check out the comments on any random article regarding the filibuster.... the lefty bots are still thourougly immersed in the two party vortex. I wonder what Obama would have to do for one of his brain dead bots to actually criticize him?

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

They are impossible because they do not think on their own.

"I wonder what Obama would have to do for one of his brain dead bots to actually criticize him?"

Direct an armed drone not at their own children, but them themselves?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Did you see the segment with Ron Reagan Jr.?

RR Jr. and some other liberal were standing up for Rand bringing up to topic and his filibuster.