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Video Of Rush Limbaugh Explaining Neocon Hatred Of Rand Paul

Rush goes into detail about what he see's as going on with the McCain attack on Rand Paul. He spoke of "Necons" in third person.


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I listened to Rush..

for a few years after 9/11. Found that I disagreed with him to often and turned him off. That and the constant commercials were driving me crazy.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I used to listen to talk radio...

To "keep up" with the neocons. Really it's subliminally aggravating. I gave up all talk radio, and no joke, I feel better. I find myself reflecting on things in my own life other then screaming at the radio. It makes you more productive.

These guys literally pollute your mind with crap. That is it.

Rush = Gail Wynand?


(with the added twist that he's named after a libertarian rock band, hehe)

Here's a little test you can do..

How about 15 people that think this is a good things, call in, record the call and tell them before you get on that you are a Libertarian, Backer of Ron Paul and see how far you get.

Oh and post the call here so we can all have a laugh..

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I say use 'em. Use them all.

I say use 'em. Use them all. If they want to promote our band the more the merrier. All these guys do is stick their fingers in the wind on what Joe Bob Conservative will think about this or that and feed it back to them most of the time. This is OUR time! The one thing Rush carefully didn't point out is that the Neocons have been out-manuvered. Who are the whacko idealists now??? ...The guys bashing the guy who just stood up for the Consitution and stuck it to the President.

Fact of the matter is, if the Iowa Caucuses were held today, Rand Paul would be leading and Rush knows it. I mean i don't see GOP Iowans or southerners during Super Tuesday falling all over themselves to flood the polls to vote for Chris Christie? That isn't merely because some guy decided to Filabuster a nominee. It's because when you can unite the Redstate crowd and the Liberty movement ...and have the Ron Paul political machine still on the ground in the early primary states, you are one hell of a force.

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Has the political landscape changed since the filibuster?

Limbaugh covering this story means that Rand just did whether you agree or not.

The fact that he mentioned neocon

is great I bet a lot of his regular listeners had never even heard of that term before.

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    There's a simple explanation

    There's a simple explanation for the changes of Beck and Rush: they are partisans. During Clinton's administration Rush spoke against the U.N. and nation building...fast forward to Bush JR and voila! Nation building is great and necessary; now under Obama he sounds kind of cautious about interventionism.

    I think Beck is actually evolving, but the Republican-to-Democrat change has pushed him a lot. Rush, however, is all about winning (both listeners and elections), and Rand is - in Rush's words "making a connection with the American people." So now Rush (who has been trying to downplay and ignore Rand) is suddenly talking about how those crazy neocons want to spread american democracy.

    But underling all of it is partisanship. When a D is in office his foreign policy must be wrong.

    Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

    "Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

    funny to hear Rush do a 360 (sort of)

    It is easy to tell he is picking and choosing his words carefully. "they think this that about Rand yada yada" etc....

    I suppose we could all just point the finger and curse Rush and call him a hypocrite flip flopper statist that will say anything for attention. And we'd probably be right. But I will give him a chance and hear what he has to say. I know the chances of him burning us are great....but I will hear him out regardless just for the chance to engage his audience with our ideals.

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    And 100% agreed.

    Norfolk, VA

    Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

    360 is full circle..

    180 is an about face... maybe you should sell your vote on Ebay because I don't think you have the sense to use it wisely, while you're at it, add your "Liberty" to sweeten the deal.. you're giving that away anyway.

    Patriot Cell #345,168
    I don't respond to emails or pm's.
    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

    Like him or not

    he has influence over the dittoheads that listen to him daily, so they know what to think.
    If his listeners believe Rand is the route to a future conservative GOP, it could tip some GOP primaries.

    I'm concerned that people here are falling for this...

    It seems the "Think tank sponsored, controlled opposition neocon talk radio propagandist demagogues" are actually starting to convince even the most skeptical of the electorate. Mainly, us....

    Every other day now there are posts like "OMG Hannity is coming over to our side" because he mentioned the Constitution a couple of times (or 100 times) or, "OMG did you hear what LEVIN said today"? Because he was bashing Karl Rove......I'm telling you this is scripted. I can feel it in my bones- I've been an avid listener of neocon talk radio propagandists for the better part of the last decade and I can just smell it in the air they are setting something up for the future.

    Don't think they just ad-lib everything they say, these guys are bought and paid for 100 times over. And no, not just from "ad-revenue". From government sponsored think tanks. They are the controlled opposition. And I've been slowly witnessing a shift here at the DP over to the dark side, mark my words, once they position themselves as the new "defenders of liberty and freedom" they will control the narrative, remember they've got a bigger pulpit than anyone else. You honestly think that kind of power is just going to be left alone unmolested?

    They will fool a LOT of people, as they have already done. But they can't fool all of the people all of the time (isn't that a bob marley lyric?) Prepare to be backstabbed and Debra Medina'd in the future. And prepare for plenty of newspeak as well- it's going to get sad/interesting.

    "I am Troll fighter, number one"




    people like Rush basically just support whatever is mainstream and popular. If he is changing his tune a bit and starting to repudiate and distance himself from the neocons, this is very good. It means our "hundredth monkey" effect is starting to take hold. The neocons will eventually be side-lined as more people are able to absorb at least the basics of how destructive they are. But it takes mainstream types like Rush to reach the masses....Hey, hey, for the Monkeys! :-)

    During the primaries

    Some of us wanted to split from the Republican party and others wanted to gain a majority to take over the Republican party. There was a clip of Lindsey Graham at a town hall meeting taking questions from Ron Paul supporters, in which he said,"I am not going to let Ron Paul take over this Republican Party". I'm thinking its not working our so well for Lindsey. We are taking the Republican Party back.

    All of us have been mad as hell at Rush, levin, Hannity etc. for the way RP was treated, but if we want a majority, we can't reject anyone who was not with us a 100% of the way. Like it or not, conservative talk radio has a huge influence on popular opinion and we are better off with these guys on our side. They maybe coming to the party late, but better late than never.

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    you are so correct...

    As a new pc and a new executive board member in my LD, I've seen AMAZING progress since last year. We have the numbers. I can't wait for 2016!

    I'd rather be a hungry patriot than a satisfied slave.

    Yeah, but Rush, Hannity, et al...

    will have to flip-flop their Neoconic foreign policy position to be included as an ally.

    These guys will say anything and skirt around any position but would throw Rand under the bus without hesitation or remorse.

    In order to get rid of the old bull neocons, they have to admit they were wrong and they'll never do that.


    I think there are other way to get rid of the "old bull" neocons. I can think of several right off the top of my head...And more people are waking up to the fact that the old bulls are full old bullsh-t.

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    Ruck Fush


    "Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

    Rush's Tricky Tactic

    As someone else mentioned, he refers to the neocons in the 3rd person (basically "they" rather than "I"). Then he sits there and makes his points about why Lindsay Graham and John McCain were "standing with Obama" instead of Rand (they're suspicious that Rand is like Ron).

    But notice one thing - Rush never gave HIS VIEW on this stuff. He never said stuff like "preemptively going to war is NOT constitutional and McCain and Graham should be impeached".

    Then he says "our guys were dining with Obama" (as if Lindsay Graham and John McCain are "our guys" - though we know they are "Rush's guys"). Plus he says Obama is "the architect of all this stuff". Meanwhile didn't the drone program being under Dubya? I tried to find documentation on that but, in a quick search, I was unable to. Maybe someone else can provide this info?

    He is treading lightly, and

    He is treading lightly, and doing it quite well. There is a transition when one changes one's view and it often goes unnoticed, or at least unacknowledged, by the viewer. Rush is in the midst of a change, which is important because he is an expression of millions of people.

    Rush does his best in assessing this situation without inserting his opinion. I think connotation, though, is very telling. In his use of the term "non-interventionist" Limbaugh is breaking a mold; he's painting the Paulian view on foreign policy in a positive light.

    Do you forget that Rush has been popular since the early '90s, when the Republican party actually had a "let's mind our own business" faction? Rush fit into that box before he lept out and he'll just as easily return.

    Rush is a team player. The mascot is an elephant. He'll follow the herd.

    I don't think Rush is in a "transition"

    I think he's an establishment puppet like the rest of the MSM (with a few exceptions like Judge Nap and John Stossel). I don't think we should trust Rush at all. The establishment hates Ron Paul. I'm sure they hate Rand as well but they're having a more difficult time with him because he's playing the game well (at least that's what I think he's doing). Right now Rush is praising Rand because it would look ridiculous not to. Meanwhile he's still referring to Lindsay Graham and John McCain as "our guys" (vomit). I still think Rush will do whatever he can to steer the public to someone like Jeb or Rubio.

    We don't have to trust him,

    just let him channel us. Rush is a bandwagon guy. Let him jump on as we drive the wagon and call the tune.

    I don't understand this attitude

    I don't understand this attitude towards Rush, Beck, et al, which impart upon them some sort of overarching, dispense-at-all-cost, political agenda. Manipulation of listeners is only a goal for as far as manipulation is deemed helpful. Popularity, fitting in, is the primary motivator for a man who relies upon an audience for his living.

    Rush doesn't want to be left behind, so let's invite him along. He's expressed, in my opinion, a pretty thorough understanding of liberty's renewed popularity. He may seem a bit baffled, but I believe he is without disdain.

    There's a mistake, I think, in making popular figures out to be so much different than you and me. Rush doesn't "work for the globalists"; he works for money. The amount of income he takes in correlates quite positively, I would guess, with the number of people who listen to him. He's a salesman, a marketer, an advertiser, an entertainer.

    Certainly Rush tries to shape opinion, but he also glides along with it. Do you think Rush will allow himself to sink while the tide rises? No, he wants to captain the ship, but he can't do it without the consent of his passengers. His listeners are crying out for their freedom and it is in Limbaugh's best interest to listen.

    Rush is a tool. Who will use him and, for what?

    Huh? Sure he works for money!

    But, do you think he would continue to have that job if he didn't stick to the plan his "globalist" masters have provided for him? Sheeesh.

    I really don't believe that

    I really don't believe that Rush's ego allows him "masters", but if it did, then who are they, and why are their interests in something besides profitability? Do you think that deviants are devious for the sake of it? No, self-interest is at the core of decision making and radio will give the audience what they demand, or it will cease to exist. Sure, the programming tries to shape demand, to influence opinion, but the road runs both ways. Radio, like any other good or service, dances with its customers. Who will take the lead?

    He's just babbling

    It's dizzying, how much contradiction and equivocation a person can fit into a ten-minute political soliloquy. People listen to this guy??? As if regular life isn't confusing enough already.

    i listen to him. not often but i do

    He does make good points from time to time. It's pretty funny to listen to him get upset or when he gets an Obama supporter on the line too.

    We need to get ppl who mostly share our ideals together since it is essentially like Rand has grabbed the wheel of the GOP bus no one has been driving and under his leadership and use it to our advantage since the sentiment for him is growing so much and the ppl who thought they wanted to go to war perpetually and are sick of it now will take to his leadership quickly I believe. We can sort out the mess as we go. I bet that he even made some independents and democrats reconsider or change their positions.

    Funny side note. I love her but, my friends mother hates him, and she's an Obama supporter. She's one if those over the top too many glasses of Obama look-aid ladies and yet I have her agreeing with me on some issues. Bring up rush though and It's like you just hit her in the head with a beach ball, got her drunk and made her run with a bee hive in her hands.

    Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
    I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.


    My mother is starry-eyed about Obama, too. I think a lot of people respond positively to his elegance and civilized demeanor and have no interest or ability to analyze him purely on his actions and substance. Most people are easily swayed by style and emotional appeal. A lot of not-so-sharp-tacks were swayed by Bush W. as well.

    use him

    Like someone said earlier...use him and Beck and whoever. At the very least don't try to cut them while they are doing our work for us. We know very well who and what they are...let them do some lifting for awhile. I am sure that they will lose their 'stature' in a liberated America. Nobody is going to make statues or name bridges for these guys.