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Rand Paul: Stroke of Genius

The mainstream media is trying to twist Rand Paul's filibuster into something bad for the GOP, but we of the alternative media have perceptions based in reality. The whole 2016 picture just changed dramatically and Rand Paul just vaulted into the front runner position for the 2016 presidential primaries. Please Like and Share! This story needs to get out to more people!

Rand Paul: Touch of Genius

Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) historic filibuster of John Brennan, the nominee for CIA Director by President Obama, has had ramifications beyond even the Senator’s wildest dreams. Undaunted by the lineup of powerful Establishment members opposing his quest to get answers on the question whether drones could kill Americans without the due process of law, Senator Paul pressed forward with his filibuster and achieved speaking privileges on the Senate floor for an incredible thirteen hours, alerting and educating millions of Americans to the dangers of the growing power of the federal government.

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