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Bloomberg Says Government ‘Probably’ Shouldn’t Force People to Exercise

Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be one of the world’s biggest proponents of government action to promote public health, but Hizzoner has his limits. In his weekly radio appearance on John Gambling’s radio show, the mayor was asked whether he would consider ordering mandatory gym memberships and he admitted that’s taking things too far.

“Well, you have to be practical about what legally you can do and what people will do,” said Mr. Bloomberg. “The nice thing about the soda thing is it’s really just a suggestion. So, if you want to buy 32 ounces, you just have to carry it back to your seat in two cups. And maybe that would convince you to only take one, but if you want two you can do it. I think government’s job … is to give you advice, not to force you do things.”

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I've decided. Bloomberg is comepletely nuts!

Maybe he's drunk with power? I dunno. I mean, I wish people would eat better and exercise more but I'd never want the government to force that on anyone!

Don't need advice

from government thieves, most of them lawyers by trade anyway, about my diet.

Bloomberg is the worst

What a jerk

I agree

I agree