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CNN Reports Ron Paul Raises $5mil in Q3


I know that the third quarter, and especially the million in a week, has been a pleasant surprise for my grandfather and our entire family.

We are very grateful to the people who are donating money in the name of liberty, freedom, and limited government. The time is now to take back our nation from neo-con republicans and war-mongering policy makers...

Keep up the great work!

Matt Pyeatt

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MSM Exposure

Glad the Good Doctor isn't taking that advice to avoid the main stream media! He does just fine and the value of the exposure beats the value of the donations. It is simply impossible for us to spread the word by only talking among ourselves and friends or getting people directly infront of Dr Paul. Great job to the organization, the supporters and Dr Paul of course!

Still on Drudge

@ 6:48p in the center column

Ron Paul tonight on the situation room at 7pm

Hey everyone,

I was watching the View and they had Jack Cafferty from CNN the Situation Room on and Joy and Jack mentioned him and Jack said he liked him. Joy mentioned that he raised as much money as McCain... I really hope that the View will have him on sometime.

The Situation room on CNN at 7 tonight is going to have Ron Paul on. The MSM is sticking with the name "dark horse" for him now. This is a good thing... that will probably mean they will give him more coverage, because they love to try to make politics exciting...:)

Ron Paul termed as "Underdog"

In the ABC news clip http://abcnews.go.com/Video/player?id=3686127 it's actually titled "Underdog gets a Boost". I like that term much better than "Dark Horse" - everybody loves the underdog in a race!

CNN footage


Look At All The Happy Creatures

Top Billing on Google News page too

Just noticed him at the top of the "Top News" section! (1:25 am PDT)
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RP on front page of Drudge



Look At All The Happy Creatures

RP on front page of google news


U.S. »

Ron Paul's Fund Raising Doubled in Quarter
Wall Street Journal - 4 hours ago
By SUSAN DAVIS WASHINGTON -- Rep. Ron Paul disclosed more than $5 million in third-quarter fund raising for his insurgent Republican presidential bid, the only Republican in the field so far to report increased donations.

Ron Paul's Impressive Haul ABC News

Congressman Raises $5 Million in Bid New York Times

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Streeeeeeeeetching a dollar :-)

I agree with the comment that Ron's campaign will do more with an average dollar than our big-spending buddies on the other side of the GOP.

This is DEFINITELY going to raise some eyebrows, and it didn't hurt that Forbes online carried Ron's essay today either. The more papers like Time, WSJ, Forbes, etc carry Ron's message, the more credibility and legitimacy he receives. I'm sure his address at the Johns Hopkins University reached a lot of "new" eyes and ears for the campaign as well.

Who else in this ridiculous line up of wanna-be's can hold a provebial candle to Ron when it comes to ability to thoughtfully and intelligently address the major issues?! We all know the answer-- NO ONE!

If there is ANYONE who stands a chance from this side against Hillary or Obama (let's not be too sure right now), then it's Ron. We know that but we have to continue to get that message to the GOP, independent, Libertarian and conservative Democratic voters.

Ladies and gentlemen, the train has left the station...:-)

Looks like Ron Paul will have more money on hand that Romney

If you take out the 10 million that Romney contributed to himself, Ron Paul will have more money on hand. So Romney's contribution rate is not that much different than Ron Paul's.


Ron Paul can do more with $5 million than the other cash-hemorrhaging neo-cons could do with $100 million!

Ron Paul 2008!!!

Get Adjusted: From the Womb to the Tomb!


Hi. Long time listener, 1st time caller.


MSNBC: "RP wants to get rid of taxes!"

Ugh, "[Ron Paul] wants to get rid of taxes." Well yeah, sure...some. I mean he is a fiscal Conservative. But they make it sound like he wants to get rid of ALL taxes, which is just foolishness. He has stated that he wants a balanced budget, and you can't do that without money - and he's also opposed to simply printing it, or borrowing a bunch more from overseas. So he would have to tax...but only as heavily as he will be spending, which would be minuscule compared to the past 7 years.


she said "isolationist" twice and they really did their best to undersell the accomplishment of 5million. "not big money" bs!
they even went as far as saying it doesn't compare to the "80million" dems are taking in...but that means they are comparing dem dollars to date vs RP dollars for the quarter.

Look At All The Happy Creatures

She was just caught by not

She was just caught by not knowing much about him. That is why she repeated "isolationist" twice and said stupid comment about taxes. I am pretty sure next time we see her, she will know more.

Hannity's take on the Ron Paul 3rd quarter surge

He just explains it that we took 1 dollar and sent it 5 million times.

Ha ha Sean

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is a schmuck.

FOX News was at one time my go to station for news and the real stories. Just like the Republican party, they have lost their way and are now biased and ridiculous.

I hear this more and more in my talking with Conservative minded folks and friends.

Bill O'Relly turned me off too, the way he treated Ron Paul in his showing on the show, was mean spirited and bullish. He twisted RP's words and cut him off constantly through the whole "interview".

Sean + Bill = The Schmuck twins.

If you're honest with

If you're honest with yourself, they've always been that biased. Its just that now you are aware of it.

I'm honest with myself now.

I hadn't actually realized how biased MSM was until I started following the Ron Paul campaign.

The way MSM talks about the internet is reminiscent of Jay (of Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back) going, "What the f#ck is the internet?!?!"

It's that new form of communication that's going to eat your lunch!

I don't see media bias as a

I don't see media bias as a problem. Just don't call yourself "fair and balanced," though.