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Some US communities seek to make gun ownership mandatory

AUGUSTA, Maine – A town of 140 people in western Maine is considering an ordinance making gun ownership mandatory, the latest of a handful of communities nationwide to pass or consider such a rule even though the measures are widely considered unenforceable.

All three members of the Board of Selectmen in Byron favor it, and Head Selectman Anne Simmons-Edmunds said she expects residents to approve it at Monday's town meeting, a New England institution where townspeople vote up or down on municipal proposals.

"We're hoping that the town will get on board with us but will accept whatever the town wants," Simmons-Edmunds said Friday.

Communities from Idaho to Georgia have been inspired to "require" or recommend their residents arm themselves...


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We just had another town here

We just had another town here in Maine try it and it got shot down. The town said that, if the law passed any person that did not want to have a gun did not have to own one.

As abuses go...

..mandatory gun ownership is probably less onerous than jury duty.

Personally, I think gun ownership and jury service are both good ideas, but mandating either is offensive.

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is prudent and admirable. Requiring is as tyrannical as confiscation.

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Mandatory gun ownership laws are every bit atrocious as gun ban laws. Libertarianism gains credibility when libertarians oppose these mandate laws with the same passion and ferocity as they do in opposing prohibitory laws. Forcing individuals to buy/own a gun operates on the same principal as forcing individuals to buy/own health insurance. To advocate/oppose one and not the other is hypocrisy.

My liberty to own a gun is another mans liberty to not own a gun.

And if you don't? Throw you

And if you don't?

Throw you in jail, or fine you.

Doesn't sound like a good libertarian law.