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Pro-Gun Voters Put Heat on Democratic Senators

U.S. Sen. Max Baucus has been here before.

Back during the Clinton era, the Democrat faced a choice: support an assault weapons ban urged by a president from his own party and risk angering constituents who cherish their gun rights, or buck his party. He chose the ban, and nearly lost his Senate seat.

Now, as he begins his campaign for a seventh term, Baucus is facing a similar dilemma. For weeks, he has refused to clearly say which way he'd vote on an assault weapons ban. When pressed by The Associated Press, he said through a spokeswoman Thursday that he'd oppose it.

But that decision alone doesn't settle the issue for his re-election campaign. His opponents are watching closely, eager to pounce as he navigates a series of other gun control proposals, including an expected call for universal background checks.


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Vote out the clowns

If we change the voting system, we have a much better change of getting a strong, independent, libertarian RepubliCAN or 3rd party into office.


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My Letter to

Mark Udall CO (up for re-election in 2014)
As a veteran and a republican, I have voted for you in the past (no really). I have seen you do some things that I consider brave and freedom-leaning, possibly in the spirit of true "liberalism" (as in liber = liberty).

I am sending you this letter Demanding (as my servant) that you oppose all Gun Control legislation. Myself, my father, grandfather, all served in the military to protect and defend the Constitution. You also took that Oath.

I'm sure I'll get a robo-response, but I hope you actually read this email, and respond. If you fail to keep your Oath, I will promise to work tirelessly to see you removed from office.

If you wish to call me, I can be reached at (my ph#)

Thank You.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa