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The Liberty Voting System: Approval Voting!

Did you ever want to vote for Ron Paul & Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode at the same time last November? How about voting for EVERYONE except Romney in your State's Primary? Under our current plurality system, liberty has been cheated out of office.

Introducing the liberty voting system: Approval Voting!

I'm helping on this project that a friend of mine started. Please click through and see that this has huge positives for third parties. It is well worth it and could lead to a freedom revolution. It takes away the wasted-vote argument and discourages negative campaigning while at the same time encouraging more positive involvement and allowing everyone to vote their conscience without intimidation.

I'm donating $250. Can I get you all to consider putting in $1 or more and try to match my $250?


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Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

Approval voting just makes sense; No more election "spoilers," and no more choosing the lesser of two evils - simply, it's whomever gets the most votes, without implementing a deeply-flawed "popular vote" methodology.