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The S* is About to Hit the Fan, and Here's the Proof

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Ok, can we now finally agree that we have but one enemy?

I'd like to get the discussion pointed towards that single entity and avoid getting distracted by all the dividing topics.

So if central banking is the main problem with the top banksters being the culprits and petro dollar / fiat / fractional reserving being the method, what can the people do to end this?

For me it comes down to one thing. They ultimately survive from our support so we stop giving it. They (the top puppet masters) may be personally untouchable, money wise, but their corporations are not. Those corporations are leveraged to the hilt. They can't stand even a small drop in profits, even for a short period, let alone a sustained one. So while we may not be able to take out the leaders personally, we certainly can end all the methods they use.

We can do this coordinatedly on both fronts. The personal front of not investing with them, not doing business with them and stopping business with anyone who does business with them will keep dollars in our pocket. This happens whether we 'go local' or simply stop transacting in money. It's much easier than one thinks to trade monthly payments to rent a service for one time purchases to buy it outright. Which do you think they have been pushing on us?

The group front of this is to create a movement to kill their business on all fronts. Pull out of all investments. Move mutual fund money to those that don't invest in them. Become vocal against them. If our numbers aren't enough to take them all one at once, get focused and publicly target the leader first. Gather support, create an event and promote the heck out of it. Capitalize on any news by bringing info to the spotlight when we can.

We can't lose sight of the goal. We have to keep the focus where it belongs and this is it. This is the root problem to all our other ones. This is where the next civilized age of history begins. I'm in a bit of a hurry to see it arrive. Anybody with me?

It won't work.

The corporations lenders of last resort(Federal Reserve) will save them. We have seen this in 2008, 1990's and 70's. All the bailouts that happened in 2008, has happened in the past. We can't change anything until they are out of the picture. The only way we can do that is to get a president in there to shut them down like Andrew Jackson or we have even more of a miracle and Congress and the Senate remove the 16th amendment and the Federal Reserve with it. I forgot the last one that probably has more of a chance than the others, A REBELLION. Not one of those peaceful parading around the streets, throwing flowers around and LSD parties either.

No, they won't

When THE PEOPLE decided in a very public way to end the existence of one single company, they will never stand for the bernank bailing them out. That just won't happen. And if it does, the boycott will get more intense and they'll be begging for another bailout in weeks.

Do you really think there's a snowball's chance we can get any election cleaned up enough to get good people in the right places? That's what won't work. It's been proven time and time again.

could you still throw me an

could you still throw me an LSD party?


A widespread strike where

A widespread strike where people just pick days they all don't go to work or perform real work will work, just like it did in Poland. No real pay - ie fake money, no work or real work.

Capitalism - ie goods, isn't really worth anything if you don't have anyone to work them - ie slaves.

Just stop working for nothing.

It's something like this that is the next step, peaceful protesting, not rebellion.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Who said anything about a strike?

Those are pointless unless you have a mass of workers and potential workers all focused on THEIR EMPLOYER. What you're advocating is exactly what they want. By striking nationwide, you're targeting exactly NO ONE in particular. Hence all that results is you lose income (or your job) and get more broke and the banks get even more power over you (i.e. calling you loan, raising your rates).

By organizing a boycott of just one single company at a time, you focus the nation's (the world's) attention on one single battle. You gain awareness of the pros and cons of that company and should your debate have the supporting facts of their evil-ness, you gain support. Most of all, you gain empowerment to know that the next one will be just as easy.

Best yet, you instill fear in whatever company makes the list for next in line to take down.

Can you afford

to loose your job if you strike? You will be terminated and replaced so fast it will make your head spin.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

Enjoyed it. Well done. Now if

Enjoyed it. Well done. Now if we could just get Rand to filibuster about this stuff....

Excellent Video well worth

Excellent Video well worth the watch! Also spot on I have studied this quit extensively and this is a good summery!

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It is not the PetroDollar.

It is not the PetroDollar. One thing those who claim it is all about the petrodollar cannot explain is, why did we attack Iraq in 1991? The only thing attacking Iraq back then did, was to allow for us to contiue attacking them. The petrodollar is a secondary explanation -kind of like a redundancy. If the MSM version for attacking Iraq is not believed then people will dig; once they see a petrodollar link, those people will stop digging and with great confidence proclaim to the world that the enitre war is about the petrodollar.

We were going to war with Iraq whether they moved away from the dollar or not; we did everything possible for over ten years to get them to leave the dollar. If we wanted them to stay affixed to the dollar than explain the first gulf war, and the constant bombings and sanctions which followed -which were the reason Iraq left the dollar.

Also, UAE trades oil in whatever currency or commodity the purchaser wants; so why haven't we bombed them? The reason is the Central Bank. All of those countries whose Central Banks are tied to the Global Banking Cabal will not be attacked unless it is absolutely neccessary. However, any country not connected to the Central Banking Cabal is on the list; and there will be several different layered reasons for going to war with such a counrty. They do this to keep people from finding out the real truth, which is that it is not neccessarily about money at all; it is about complete control.

My memory of the news media

My memory of the news media in 1991 was that we attacked Iraq because Saddam Hussein was trying to march into Kuwait; I assumed to get control of their oil fields. Now that I know how much propaganda is put out, wondering how much of what we were told was true.

Saddam Hussein sought

Saddam Hussein sought approval from our ambassador, April Glaspie, prior to invading Kuwait, and she reminded him that America took no position on inter Arab affairs. Kuwait had been slant drilling into Iraqi oilfields. These are facts that CNN never reported.

I seem to recall a very wise man saying...

“It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

To understand Desert Storm

To understand Desert Storm you have to understand the relationship between the CIA and Sadam Husain. They were once allies and George H Bush used him. Remember, Bush directed the CIA before he was president. Sadam then betrayed the US and went rogue. He was a loose cannon and that could not be tolerated.

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There is a master manipulator

pulling the strings of the Bankers, Illuminati, Secret Societies - all of it. And his time is near... its end.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

You are right in a sense it's

You are right in a sense it's about power and control but the dollar is the vehicle used for control tying it to oil has forced the whole world to be invested on the dollar and beholding to the US if they want oil to run their country. There are now cracks appearing in that armor and Iraq was the first to sell oil in other the US dollars. Iraq Syria Iran never signed on to the Brettenwoods agreement. The UAE does not sell oil on other then dollars. They might a little on the side under the radar but not significantly or they would be destabilized also.

China and Russia have started their own oil borse in other the US dollars with Iran and Russia as the main suppliers. It is only a matter of time before Iran is destabilized like Libya and Syria. The only reason we do not bomb them is because Russia and China have warned us not to. Right now having to take on those two would not be a good idea as we are spread to thin. Eventually thought they might go for it. These people are ruthless they don't care how many die... In fact it is part of their world depopulation agenda while they rob the wealth of the world with their currency schemes.

Collective Karma is knocking on our door for letting this cabal take us over and perpetrate all their death destruction and plunder on the world...

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