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Active duty soldier forgot to log out of his gmail account on a "community" PC at a cigar bar...

So, I'm delivering a few boxes to a Cigar Lounge here in town and was waiting for the manager to come up front to sign the delivery receipt. I wasn't in a hurry since its Saturday and I didn't have many stops on my route today. There's a community PC located in the cigar "bar" lounge that I occasionally use to see whats happening on the DP or to check my email when I have a few extra minutes.

Anyhow...today when I sat down in front of the computer I realized that someone had forgotten to log off their gmail account. They had recently received an airline conformation number via email and a prompt box was open asking if the conformation was to be printed. I clicked no and decided to see if the account had any saved contacts. It had over 250! The contacts were even catagorized into groups such as work, family, friends, etc.

I checked the sent items and determined that the guy was an active duty soldier who had recently returned from the middle east. The inbox had a ton of emails. Most had been read but it appears the guy never deleted anything. There was an email from Senator Grassly having to do with some paperwork that the guy was needing to fill out relating to his transition back home from overseas and there were bunches of emails coming from and going to .mil addresses.

I decided to take the opportunity at hand and send out an email to his entire contact list. Obviously this was unexpected so I didn't know what to send but I decided to send a link to the 14 minute video from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth that talks about building 7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ONo...

and...I also included a link to http://wanttoknow.info/ If I'm not mistaken wantoknow.info was one of the sites that helped wake me up.

Who knows if the people that receive the email will click on the links but hopefully they will. I did log off the email account after sending the educational information to all of his friends, family, and co-workers.

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Did you really see nothing wrong with this?

Did you expect everyone here to give you a big pat on the back?

All I can say is, that was some absolute scumbag behavior on your part.

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I worked at a local print shop where we allow paid computer access... and countless times people (including local republican figures and veterans) have left their email logged in and I immediately log out of it...

Could I have sent mass emails from their account? Of course, but who the hell does that??

I wouldn't be surprised if homeland security starts watching this guy because of your tactlessness.

Identity Theft

You used this guy's email account to send stuff to his contacts. That means for a brief period, you assumed his identity (commandeering his email address).

You are a snoop at best and a scumbag at worst. Justice would have been served if this guy realized he forgot to log out and came up behind you to see your actions. Do the world a favor and leave it.


Do you also go to peoples houses

And open there mail? You could really get this guy in trouble if you read anything classified, I mean serious trouble.

I don't usually judge people

But I have to say, OP, you strike me as a scumbag who doesn't care about anyone but himself.

I don't get it...

What does this have to do with Rand Paul's filibuster?

Pandas eat bugs.

You'd better hope that was his personal computer

Bragging about it online was really really dumb. I hope you just made the whole story up for your sake.

totally fucked up watch this

totally fucked up

watch this guy get NDAA'd because of you

Not cool.

Aside from the invasion of a total stranger's privacy, you could get this guy in serious trouble for sending out stuff like that. Our soldiers, especially veterans, are monitored very closely. I'm not saying I disagree with the content of the email, but using an address other than your own to send it is just wrong.

keep doing it just don't tell anyone.

many are sensitive here.

Dude, not cool.



It's not quite my style but I can dig it.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

How can someone who

How can someone who supposedly believes in liberty possibly be proud of these actions?

You sent emails out under someone else's name to their contacts?

...and pat yourself on the back for it? :/

Someone recently sent emails to my contact list impostering me by using my name when a virus or something got into my email system.

This violation is not somehow ok just because the sender thinks he's doing the recipients a favor with the content he's sending out.

What is next for you?

Trying people's front doors to see if they locked them?

You were dumb enough to do it in the first place, you were even dumber to brag about it here.

Someone is locking their door tonight

I certainly don't feel safe with tho guy around. lol



This was malicious and an invasion of privacy.

You may have just destroyed this persons career and forever turned off the possibility that they will ever consider seeking alternative ideas. You sir are a peace of shit, your intentions were selfish and disturbing.

You could have done the honorable thing and logged him out, remember the GOLDEN RULE!

Vets For Paul!

does the golden rule involve

does the golden rule involve bombing children in the middle east?? if so consider it retaliation for his violation of the golden rule.


So all of us veterans including Dr. Paul bomb children?

Get off your high horse, most likely this person joined with nothing but good intentions and never harmed a soul.. I have done tours in the middle east without bombing or killing anyone..

Vets For Paul!

horses make me uncomfortable

horses make me uncomfortable to ride.


there are good people in

there are good people in monsanto too i'm sure.


I can't help but state the

I can't help but state the obvious. Dr. Paul was never in the middle east as an active duty soldier. Let's not drag him into your nonsense.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Actually Dr Paul was

In the middle east during the Vietnam war... BOZO.

Vets For Paul!

You sound like McCain and Obama...

No due process?

Do we still have that?


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well better a video than some one...

with bad intentions!

someone could have deleted everything or used his personal info.This Gentlemen sent something as a reward for logging out this user. I say thank you helping this guy out ;)


Sending emails out giving people the impression someone else had sent them is cowardice and malicious.. nothing but bad intent.

Vets For Paul!

Good Job!

sending out good information and being a good citizen for logging out this user in case someone stumbles upon this account with bad intentions.

For Liberty!

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You do realize

that if this DP thread isn't permanently "disappeared" there's a chance that soldier will come looking for you *and find you* if he gets sufficient blowback from those you emailed through his account.

Take a look at your OP - there's plenty of identifying info in it. A court order could get your ID released. You might want to chat with Mr. Nystrom about that.

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