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Doctor on Cavuto complaining he is becoming a "death panel"


Hear the man, he nails it. We are being desensitized. The death panels are a serious threat.

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The elites don't get death panels, but we do.

Cheney gets a mechanical heart (LVAD), and he didn't even have a pulse for about a year until he got a heart transplant. He should be arguing against these death panels, but I guess that he and the elites will get whatever they need at our expense while we will not. Will they get what they deserve is the question?

Do We Have a Right to Life?

I have been struggling with the ethics of expensive medical care to prolong life. There are no easy answers.

If I phrase the question this way, what is the answer?

Do we have the right to use the coercive power of the federal government to force other people to pay for our medical care? This is probably the situation for people on Medicare such as myself.

Does the fact that you are not on Medicare and you have your own health insurance change the question and the answer significantly? Insurance companies ultimately have limited resources and you may even have a cap on your policy, such that the care to extend your life will exceed the cap.

The decision about your medical care should be between you and your doctor. Many people and their families have faced the tough choice of whether to extend life with expensive medical care.

Ultimately, there is simple economics. The resources available to extend your life are limited and ultimately a decision has to be made regarding how much of those limited resources can be used to exend your life.

In any event, I don't a federal bureaucrat making the decision. Yet, how can this be avoided when the federal government controls the purse strings?


My dad stopped seeing his doctor about two years ago. He continues to smoke and have vascular disease, but his BP is good! He is not going to the doctor because, every time he does, Medicare is billed for megabucks of lab tests. All of which, in his view, are unnecessary. He is 79 and does want a DNR if he gets to that point! He, also, is more like a hermit, who lives his life for his dogs!

When I practiced medicine, I received many denials for things the insurance companies felt were "unnecessary", for good patient care. They will be the ones in charge, now. They have been denying care since insurance companies were allowed to deny care to people. There have been death panels around.

I guess I was involved with one when I took care of a lady with a history of so many strokes, she was no longer sentient! She clogged off the artery to one of her legs and it turned black. Normal people would be writhing in, excruciating, pain. She did not! When I saw her in the nursing home, the family was supportive of my care plan. If the leg was not amputated, she would die.

So after a little over a week, the leg was dead and black, with the skin sloughing. The family and I had no choice but to make the decision to amputate it, or she would not be able to be treated in the ECF(extended care facility)(Since she did not die!)

She was admitted to the hospital and had the needed amputation. She was listed as a DNR (do not resuscitate) The wound edge leaked a little fluid and it came back infected with a staph (not MRSA). She had a feeding tube and it was decided to give her ampicillin,through the tube, since the bacteria was sensitive. She died two nights later, when she had a cardiac arrest. Likely, it happened because she could not withstand the stress of the operation.

The family knew this. They were alright with the outcome. They hated seeing her vegetate and knew the risks of the surgery.

Fast forward ahead six months ahead. I get a letter from the oversight committee, of the medical higher ups, in the state to be questioned about her treatment. They were livid that I chose to not treat her with Rocephin IV at the cost of several thousands of dollars. (remember it was sensitive to the ampicillin)

I went to the meeting and informed them that I treated the lady no differently than, I would, anyone in my family, including my mother I told them, in the same medical situation, I would do the same thing! I did question their moral stance!

I had to take some remediation course. But,that was all! My attitude is how does a group like this ask a person to remediate his morality?! I always wondered how this got reported, except for busybodies (doctors, ancillary staff, nurses) that did not approve of letting this lady die. I would hope that we learn that there are many things worse than dying. The family and I were all strong Christians and agreed on this point!

So, they already happen. But, it was not the insurance company dictating here. The insurance company will, under Obamacare.

It might be good for people, who can't let go. But I don't think I want the insurance companies over-riding the wishes of the patient and the family! Good luck to us all!

When the US government goes

When the US government goes bankrupt again and can't pay for anyone anymore, the price of health care will drop 90%. Then if an 85 year old wants to prolong their life another 5 years, they can spend 25% from their own savings to do that. Heck at that point, let old people spend 100% of their life savings prolonging their own lives, while their savings goes a whole lot further. I'm OK with that. The federal government will eventually be removed from the decision making process, as it should be.


Since it is the insurance companies that will be responsible for the funding of the medical care, the government, won't, at present, go bankrupt over it. When they take over all the insurance company processes, you will see your prediction come to fruition!

BUT, the last time I checked, when your assets are less than your liabilities, you are bankrupt. That is the condition, in which, our country is, already!

Just ask the good Drs Paul! Or, many of us, other, physicians!


A perception that makes sense. They won't be able to do this for very long at all. Especially when people start to understand the nature of it all.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

I believe it, because it's a

I believe it, because it's a natural extension of putting the parents in an old folks home, and drugging them till they die to get the inheritance. Something apparently quite popular with the baby boomers for the last 20 years to their parents, because there were many articles written about it.

In fact, it happened in my family, with one of them "helping" my grandmother in the hospital by pushing her down. Then they got a power of attorney on her, and drugged her until she died. Not only do I know it happened from other members in the family, but I talked to her before she died in one of her wakeful states. That was before one of my cousins went to jail for 3 years for raping an under aged girl while taking pornographic pictures with his friend. It was in all the papers. Their career criminals - and I was quite naive at the time about it (and they were trying the same shit with me btw - being naive isn't a good thing).

I digress.

This whole thing is an extension of get rid of your parents to get the inheritance. That was so convenient, that they're now putting it into mass production and get the government to do it - just like they get the government to babysit the kids in school while they are at work, etc etc. And the whole situation before that was set up with welfare, so instead of families taking care of families - parents children, and children their parents later, you had the government again destroying "natural retirement" ie your children.

Many people will support this because they will want "their" inheritance sooner. Many people in this society are evil - there is no reason a free man has to associate or government with them.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

With Big Government

comes Big Debt and Big Rationing of Big Government Services.


Well, we knew that was coming. The least they could do is be honest with people so they can start taking better care of themselves. But, nope, it will be their usual Fabian incremental crap.

This is "exactly" what opponents predicted!(so did proponents,)

from Sarah Palin to Paul Krugman.


"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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