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16 Year-Old Suspended for Being a Hero?!?

Imagine a cop walks up and sees a guy punching someone, they're both bloody, but in reality he was only retaliating in defense. The cop detain (not arrest) both of them in the case that they might be a risk until they get the story straight. They do this for both their and others safety.

It isn't far fetched to believe that a school simply has this policy so that it can cover all its own bases in terms of liability by putting together a full report and account of what happened when they don't know all of the facts regardless of what some witnesses say on day 0 of the incident. If it's a violent act and if it's possible that the other student was actually part of the problem... they need to remove them from the student body until they can make sure they're innocent... otherwise they could possibly be allowing a dangerous kid back among the rest of the school.

This should never have been made viral, twisted into something it wasn't, made into a thousand memes, or been used as some kind of argument against our failed and screwy education system.

We can do better than making a mountain out of a non-existent ant-hill.