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The view from "the left": Rand Paul's Wrong on Drones -- Just Like Everything Else

"Paul's critique comes straight from the fetid fever swamps of the conspiratorial right."


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Rand Paul got

visibility and genuine support from American people on the drone issue. That scared the power structure of the establishment (GOP, DEM, Pentagon, CIA.)

So a counter attack is expected. Even from our populists.

That's not the only view from the left

at least to judge from the comments to articles like this one
in the New York Times:


A lot of self described Obama voters/progressives/leftists were supportive of his actions
even if they don't agree with him about much else. A lot of them did qualify that with
criticism or questioning about why he framed the question so narrowly about drone
strikes against US citizens on US territory - without questioning the overall drone policy
or the surveillance state conditions people are already living under.

Which seem like entirely legitimate things to be asking Rand and every other legislator, too.