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How would Abraham Lincoln have used drones in the Civil War?

That is all.

How would Abraham Lincoln have used drones in the Civil War?

Question inspired by this comment.

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Instead of wasting the ammo

to shoot at the thousands of northern protesters (1000 of which were either killed or injured) while protesting the draft, he would have just initiated a signature strike to teach them a lesson, that lesson being "don't protests against my policies."

In all honesty though, I really wished they would have taught me about the northerner protests and how many were killed by the union army in history class at my public school than finding out on my own. It makes the schools lose all credibility when they omit important facts.

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Well, he wouldn't have had to

Well, he wouldn't have had to send Sherman and his whole army through Georgia to rape, pillage, and burn everything they came across. Just send in a few drones to do the work.

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This is true...

I wonder if there would have been more or less casualties under Abe the Tyrant.

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