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My name is Smudge Pot and I support drone killing.

A lot of people have been asking for clarity regarding this issue of drone killings and naturally people want to know the opinion of a spiritualist like myself. I hope to give this clarity now and I hope I don't further befoul or befowl this air. I'll be plain as boiled chicken.

I support the killing of these drones in our skies. I think more people should do it. In keeping with a legal tradition that says we own a certain amount of airspace above our heads and just as we have a certain right to expect that the people pulling up pianos over our heads to not drop them on same, and just like the man who wants to jump out of a tree has an obligation, a moral and ethical obligation not to land upon the people beneath, the rights of the above are curtailed by those below. And in this similar line of logic, a man has a right to shoot a bird that poops on his head on his own property. Even be this bird a Snowy White Owl or even the symbol of our great nation, the Bald Eagle for it's pretty obvious in these situations that it's become personal and these birds as INDIVIDUALS, not as a species, are just trying to pick a fight.

Therefore my office has today introduced legislation so that these drones can be legally hunted and managed by the Fish And Game authorities whom will be instructed to issue hunting tags on a lottery system so that we can manage this growing population of aviaries to our mutual benefit, take them down, stuff them, mount them and display them above mantle pieces along with prize bucks and ducks and antelope as part of our proud American tradition, to be passed down from father to son and indeed these days, from mother and father to daughter, as a family in good, clean, honest American fun.

In summary I'll say the same as when I started. I am and will remain utterly, unequivocally and unabashedly in support of drone killing. My name is Smudge Pot and I endorse this message.

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