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While Rand continues to fight imaginary drone strikes, Elizabeth Warren fights the banks

While the state of Kentucky suffers from the highest unemployment rate and is the nation's poorest state per capita the junior senator from Kentucky continues to do nothing about it. Instead Rand goes on a 14 hour rant about what might happen, what could happen or what might never happen. And after feeding his ego to get on the Rush Limbaugh show he declares a victory for something that we already know. The President will not drone unarmed citizens in the United States. Rand Paul is proving to be more of the Don Quixote of Washington DC and thanks to Rand's weakening of the TSA as Congressman Peter King noted an actual grade 1 bomb has managed to get through our airports.{I bet you didn't hear that on the Rush Limbaugh show}.

But while Randi continues to look in the mirror and brush his curly locks and repeats"one day I shall be President of the United States". There is actually a Senator out there who is fighting a real enemy, an actual enemy and not an imaginary one. This senator has decided to take on the most ruthless vile and destructive organization that has enslaved the American people since its inception, the banks and even though this senator wears the evil communist D at the end of her name she continues to hammer an organization that continues to operate "above the law'. I don't know about you but I certainly haven't seen any drones in my coffee shop but I have certainly seen many American lives destroyed and swept into poverty due to the ruthless greed of the banks.

God bless the libertarians they are a noble bunch but they actually have it all wrong. You see even though the Constitution is important it was never meant to be interpreted by Senators or Congressmen.The last thing you want your politician to do is to try to interpret the Constitution sure Dr. Paul was the champion of the Constitution and I'm talking about Ron here. But that is not the reason he continued to get reelected and remained wildly popular in his district.The real reason Dr. Paul was so popular with his district was because he brought home the bacon. He brought in massive amounts of pork he covered his districts back and they covered his back. So that he could continue his hobby of the Constitution. This is one thing that Rand seems to not understand and that is, his number one job is to take care of the people in his state. Senators were never meant to look at a bill to see if it was constitutional or not that is not a senators or representatives job. There first and foremost job is to look out for their state and their district not to interpret the Constitution.

The fact being our forefathers set up our system in a way that only few are even able to interpret the Constitution and that would be our Circuit Court judges and our Supreme court judges. These are the people who were appointed by our Presidents and are the only ones who are allowed to interpret the Constitution. Senators and Congressmen were not set up to do that. They were set up to do what is best for their state or their district. And I for one certainly do not want Ted Cruz to interpret the Constitution for me. I want him to do what is best for my state and that goes for all my Senators and Congressmen.

Even the President of the United States should not try to interpret the Constitution. The President first and foremost should look out for the American people. And only when you vote to choose a President you should keep in mind that he is only qualified to appoint someone who will interpret the Constitution and not to interpret the Constitution himself.

And personally, I would rather choose a President who has watched out and taken care of their state rather than trying to interpret the Constitution. That is why I would choose the lady from Massachusetts any day over the gentleman from Kentucky to be my President.

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bad start

There are two factual errors in the first sentence. Kentucky has neither has the highest unemployment rate nor is it the least wealthy per capita.

When Elizabeth Warren pushed through the Consumer Protection Bureau, it wound up not part of the federal government but as part of the Federal Reserve pretty much outside the regulatory policies of Congress. Since the Federal Reserve is owned by the banks, it is a fantasy to believe that the Consumer Protection Bureau is going to or has the power to regulate its owners... almost as hard as it is to believe that Elizabeth Warren is an Indian. She heap big smoke but no fire.

I posted this nearly

two years ago.


You take an oath to the constitution, wouldn't that require one to make sure something is constitutional?

Well wouldnt you say

Following the constitution and interpreting the constitution are two different things.

How does one follow the

How does one follow the constitution without interpreting it?

By following the interpretations

Of the supreme court.Let me see if I can explain it a little more clearly.It is the job of every congressional representative to go to the house and do ever thing he can to benefit his district.{not his party] but his district. Wouldnt you agree. A congressmen shouldnt even be involved in a party at this point in his career, he shouldnt even wonder if he thinks a bill is constitutional or not. A senator should try to do everthing to whats is best for his state. A president does what thinks is best for his nation. It is only the supreme court {the traffic cop that can blow hi whistle } and say this is unconstitutional.Do you see my point. Congressman and senators or even presidents who worry weather a bill is unconstutional or not before passing a bill are not doing there job correctly because that should be left up to the supreme court to decide am I correct?

The Supreme Court is not the

The Supreme Court is not the sole party responsible for interpreting and obeying the Constitution. The President and Congressmen also have a responsibility to only do that which they sincerely believe is constitutional. And to do that they have to interpret the constitution.

A lot of people are confused about Marbury v. Madison and think that the concept of judicial review means that the Supreme Court gets to speak for everyone in government on what is and is not constitutional. This is not how it actually works. Yes, lower courts are bound by precedent, and the executive and the legislature cannot change a Supreme Court holding (remember, the cases that reach the Supreme Court are all about specific people and specific incidents). But that does not mean that the executive or Congress cannot independently determine that a bill (or action, or whatever) is unconstitutional and act on that impulse.

I completely reject this notion that it's a congressional representative's job to do anything he can to benefit his district. There are two "points" to having a Constitution. One is just to set up the government- what is the legislature, how many legislators are there, etc. The second is to put limits on the power of government, and by extension any agents of the government. I suppose we could have another type of constitution, which says something like "Congressmen shall do whatever it wants for the good of their district", but we don't, and I hope we never do.

Well I see your point.

And it is a sincere and elegant way to look at it .But when nearly every bill that is passed in congress is challenged in court by the opposition party there really is no need for a congressmen to ask wheather its constitutional or not best that he can hope for is that the bill is constitutional and it will benefit his state.He certainly wont be the one to decide.

So while were bringing up old post

Try this little gem , I was one of the first to jump on the Elizabeth Warren bandwagon and yes I am a total Elizabeth Warren groupie.

Thanks for bringing this back.

Somehow I didn't down-vote this when it was first put up (probably because I never saw it). Don't worry, I have now fixed that oversight. Thank you for allowing me to correct my mistake. :-)

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

Why the pleasure is mine.

Mr Unicorn.

This comment is hilarious

I remember getting into a big fight with lancealot( choose your own expletive) almost a year ago. Just as I was arriving at the dDP.

What a dung Beatle!!!


I thought this thread

would have died already. It's like a fungus that just won't go away.

Im getting tired of it too.

I just wanted to try to answer everyones questions then I was going to stop.

troll alert

On 9/2/12, lancealotlink started a thread instructing us to vote for Obama because our survival depended on it. In that article lancealotlink announced, "I am a socialist." Now, he is attacking Rand Paul and promoting the Democratic Indian Senator. He also said that he wasn't a troll. You decide.


I thought a troll was someone that used deceptive practices

To pretend they are someone they are not. I have always been honest about who I am Ive never tried to deceive anyone.

It only took me a few minutes to fact check

some of your statements. Kentucky has a Democrat Governor with a majority of Dems in the House but a majority of Reps in the Sentate. I bet they disagree on how to handle things a lot of the time. The unemployment rate has fallen sharply in 2012 to under 8% (which can mean nothing if people have given up looking for a job) but as a statistic does not make them the highest in the country. The state has seen slow, steady growth which according to some is the best kind as it means businesses are looking long term. Kentucky is somewhere around the 8th to the last in per capita income so it is not the poorest. Rand personally worked on the Hemp farming bill which could bring jobs and money to Kentucky.

In a battle that lasted 13 seconds 9 students were wounded and 4 were dead. Do you think any of us every thought Pres. Nixon would send the National Guard to do that? What's to stop the next president from using the government's latest toy, the drone.

I don't want our politicans to interpret our Constitution, I want them to uphold our Constitution. That is their oath.

You've been here a long time and I've read some of your comments. This doesn't sound like you. Is something wrong? If so, let us try to help.

as of September 2012 which is the latest figures I could find

Daily finance magazine reports that Kentucky has the highest unemployment rate of 9.5% these are the very latest figures that I can come up with.

Huiffington Post reports poorest county in America Owsley County Kentucky. Also as report on Huffington reports out 11 counties in the country. Kentucky has 4.Which are number 5 Magoff county number 3.Lee County and Number 2 Breathhitt County Ky One Poorest County in the State of the Union of course Owsley County Ky.So out of the top 11 poorest counties in the nation Kentucky has a grand total of 4 . Great job Rand is doing ya. Please verify this information by going to Huffington Post Poorest Counties in the nation. Oh and by the way according to Forbs magazine the top 10 poorest states of the Union are all free market Republican states . Good job Republicans.

hmmm ok....

hmmm ok....

by the votes on all of these

by the votes on all of these rand paul attack articles ... its pretty evident where the movement is.

and being snarky and backhanded with the comments ... only amplifies the distaste ... i downvoted ... and elizabeth warren is socialist ... the purpose of her raising these issues is because she wants to expand government not return it to its constitutional role

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Not picking sides

Not picking sides, but there is a reasonable point to this person's argument, despite their implication that obeying the Constitution is a "hobby" for R.E.P. There is something very insightful about congressmen "interpreting" the Constitution. There is no room for interpretation. Period. I found that a valuable thing to point out. And they're right: Ron Paul isn't loved in his district because everyone in Galveston TX reads Hayek, Mises, and Rothbard. I personally loved Rand's filibuster despite the fact that it came out of a political strategy meeting with Jesse Benton. However, attacking the Federal Reserve was at the heart of all of Ron Paul's ideas and messages.

The FED is the common denominator and the systemic problem that plagues our country. There is no doubt that it is responsible for the carte blanche of the DHS, Pentagon, and the M.I.C. in general. We're all used to hearing the response to abolishing the gov't: "but who will build the roads?" Well, here's another one to think about: "Abolish the Fed." "But who will build the drones?"

I saw Sen. Warren's interview in an actual Commie rag by Michael Moore entitled: "Capitalism: A Love Story" (which is a load of garbage and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they want to burst a blood vessel). She was put in a position of authority to manage TARP, but actually started asking the question, "Where the hell did all the money go?" She does not seem like a bought-and-paid-for shill and I'm thankful it is her in there and not the Republican Fascist/Playgirl Centerfold/ Punchline of a joke that is Scott Brown.

But the main point is this: What kind of libertarian shuts down completely and reverts to accusations of communism when someone has a different opinion? Does anyone else agree that this is a wrench in the wheels of the liberty movement in general? Generally, political opinions are predisposed before getting into a discussion about it, and discussions often turn into arguments on how to prove the other person is wrong. Not always, but often. And when someone is wrong, calling them a Commie Sheep will not get them to agree with you. It will alienate them.

I've gotten in many a debate with my own sister about liberty and the message of freedom. She actually IS a commie sheeperson who once told me that the Constitution was better before the Bill Of Rights was added...Needless to say, that is an uphill battle that I've all but given up fighting.

But this post is from someone who clearly loves liberty as they have been a DP member for 5 years. And we're eating them like we're in the Donner Party! We are so hypocritical! "Do whatever you want and say whatever you want and differences of opinion are a beautiful thing that make the world go 'round...except for your's, you STATIST SCUM..."

the stranger's picture

drones in my coffee shop, scones in my tea

The lady from Massachusetts and the gentleman from Kentucky, hmm. This article uses one to attack the other. What's the point of this poorly reasoned, poorly written article? Ah, who cares.

The point?

The point is to divide & distract. Stay on target, Audit the Fed!

"So [Ron Paul] Could Continue His Hobby Of The Constitution"

Yes, people. This is a joke.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Surely You Jest

Unbelievable is what comes to mind

Come on folks... chill...

Don't you understand great sarcasm when you read it?!

Chill... it is one of the best sarcasms I have seen in years! :)

I had to login

just to down vote this crap.


This is obviously some propaganda troll

I am Ron Paul

She's the person responsible

for the 'you didn't build that' speech. http://youtu.be/i-P-CoSNYaI It was her speech originally after she stole it from Professor Lakoff. http://youtu.be/53SMjghUpD8

Personally I think hanging is too good for a lot of these banksters but she's all sound bite and no results.

Also the banks haven't done too badly under her boss's administration, have they? If someone wants to give me a millions or a billion I'll turn up and she can call me all the names she wants.

she has only been in the Senate for three months

give her a break.