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Itally comedian Beppe Grillo speakes out against Debt issue private central banks.

Beppe Grillo, Italian comedian turned politician has changed the entire NWO picture from the Country of Italy.
He may have created a turning point. Love to hear this guy talk its great. But the main reason I am posting this because I connected two dots from his talk.

He mentions near the end of the video, that the Italian central bankgangsters hide the ownership in the number of tens (I did not know that). Ten share holders ten branches etc. I didn’t know that before. The Private Federal Reserve Bank is in numbers of (12)twelve. Twelve branches, twelve share holders. Note the same numbers corresponding to the Europe metric measurements in tens and the American inches feet, twelve’s.
I’m not a biblical scholar, but if I recall in the book or revelations tens and twelve’s are both mentioned.

As I see it the same people own the central bank of Italy that own the central bank of the USA, it appears they attempt to hide the ownership under ten layers in Europe and in the USA twelve layers.

Anyone see this and find it interesting?

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Gotta link for me?

I'd have to hear it before commenting on the subject. Doesn't matter if it's not in English. I can contact someone in Italy to give me some info about him and his effect on the people there. But, first I have to know what specific video you are refering to.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

This link is from 1998

This link is from 1998, well worth watching, the vid is in Italian with english subtitles, enjoy.


But his most recent acomplishment in politics is what I was refering to when I mentioned his acomplishment against the NWO, bangangster mafia.

Well worth doing a internet research.


That was effin' GREAT!!!!!!!! Che' catzo???

He makes it so easy to understand and so easy to see why we should all be so effin' angry about these Banksters. Che' catzo!!!

Thank you for introducing me to one so effin' elequent. LMAO!

Edit: You should make a separate post using that link. It's a must see and isn't getting the attention from our community that it should be getting.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I think he must sound to the Italian people just like

Ron Paul sounds to us. He breaks people out of their trance like debt slave existance and gives them hope and reasonable understanding of the huge fraud that has been played upon them by the curency being issued not as money but as debt. But not as just any debt but as a COMPOUNDING, FALSE, DEBT.

So one must ask why do these people who have the ability to create digitized money out of thin air at no cost in private without accountability to anyone but themselveds, why would this person that has this wealth and power, want or need to create the illusion, the FALSE debt? He dont need money right?

I will give you an answer. False debt is a powerful tool that allows the agressor, the attacker to cry out as if they are the one being harmed while they impose any and all types of immoral behavior upon their victum Its such an effective tactic that many of the onlookers who would never condon such behaviors now get behind the abuser and cheer on the attacks.

You owe me, a claim of false debt, now I punch you in the mouth, the bystanders cheer my attack because of my claim of false debt.

Humanity enslaved into compounding false debt.