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Liberty Movement: Politicians Not Welcome

Ladies and gentleman,

Welcome to the Liberty movement, where politicians are not welcome and to sway from the collective ideal means to betray us all. Even if your heart is in the right place, there is no room to compromise. Every vote, every action, and every thought you have will come with the intense scrutiny of us, the movement, the revolution, the Daily Paul. If we deem you unworthy, a sellout, a shill, a liar, a phony, you will not only NOT have our support, we will do whatever we can to deny you a future in the game we don't even play, politics. We will bad mouth you more than our opponents, because betrayal is worse than the enemy itself.

For those in the media who support us, we will review your past. If at any time in the past, present or future you have disagreed with any or all of our beliefs, then your support is NOT welcome. You will only serve to tarnish our reputation, and your audience is not worthy of our message. Again, if found to be feigning support for us we will reject you loudly and openly.

An inch is not as good as a mile. Someone who represents us would never settle for a partial return to freedom. Our movement demands all or nothing. There is no excuse for delivering us a bill that incorporates only one or two benefits for lovers of liberty. We want the whole pizza, and if we don't get it then you've failed or betrayed us. There is no compromise! We do not believe or condone it, and if someone dares to do so as an elected official chosen by US, you can guarentee a failed re-election.

Liberty Movement: Politicians not welcome. We don't have time for phony's and fair-weathered libertarians. All or nothing, because it is the only way to get this done.

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