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Vaclav Klaus charged with 'High Treason'

Former Czech President - An anti-EU martyr?

Wonder if RP will help him out?


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Sorry to hear that someone that fought the Lisbon Treaty

stepped into the political quadmire with the prosecution amnesty....maybe 8 years getting dragged out is a consideration, but why was he dragged into it?

anyway, He is still a good guy in my book

"The Eurosceptic president held up the ratification of Europe's landmark Lisbon Treaty, while demanding an opt-out for the country."

RP R3VOLution

Politics makes strange bedfellows

Perhaps some of these were eurosceptics as well and or saving money and maybe some of these were political convictions???

Exactly, the opt-out...who are the traitors?


Since I'm Czech

I'd like to provide some clarity: The whole treason thing is a FARCE: a sad and a disgusting joke. Czech people are disheartened with right-wing politics (major right wing party is at all time low ratings, because they betrayed all the conservative principles, continuing the policy of debt and welfare state) and instead of educating themselves, Czech people tend to vote for more socialism.

Lefties are stronger than ever, which is tragic - "liberty movement" is on the rise as well, but it is still a tiny fraction of well educated people - often labeled as "euroskeptics" : a negative label used by media to dismiss anyone who questions the authority of European Commission...

President Klaus has been very popular for most of his presidency, however recent events (1. and 2.) turned public opinion against him:

1. event: Amnesty that has freed all prosecuted suspects charged with crimes of less than 10 years in prison - who haven't been sentenced for more than 8 years. This has freed numerous bad guys who stole from Czech public during 90's : various financial and housing scam artists and people who were linked to government corruption. This is the basis for the treason charge.

2. event: During the presidential election in January, Vaclav Klaus made very strong comments against late president Havel and his former secretary who was running as a candidate (Vaclav Klaus wasn't running, his second term just ended), which is loosely similar to saying the "whole truth" about Lincoln in America - it was an "attack" on national myth and it turned public opinion strongly against Klaus, so now the lefties feel like they have public backing for their treason charge.


that makes it clearer.


egads, seems like a similar political microcosm there, as here: traditions, statist myths, feigned betrayal, new gen looking for 'new' political directions while old guard repackages itself as 'new' to allay the rising populist contempt based on emotively comforting, but intellectually and realistically destructive solutions based on dead econ thinking.

humans, silly silly humans...lol..er.o(

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Thanks for the added insight

Although I am not pleased with some corruption that Klaus may or may not of have been involved with, I have to say that he was a voice of reason and continues to be.

Czech is a landlocked country pressed by the EU/USA from the West and Russians from the East. What would anyone do? 10 million vs. hundreds of millions. Very difficult to steer an independent course. I think the people there are as much to blame, just complaining is not helping much. On the flip side, I am sure they are suffering economically as well.

This new Zeman guy will overturn Klaus had preserved and this is sad. The Czech left should be charged instead. Klaus needs much support now and hopefully people abroad will bring more attention to his situation and cause. Hopefully UKIP will be included in this.


I could not agree more. The

I could not agree more.

The new president Zeman already promised to sign the ESM "Debt Union" treaty, which basically hands over all monetary oversight to European Commission, a highway to financial hell. Nigel Farage fights this beast bravely, unfortunately he's a lone voice.

Klaus refused to sign it as one of the very few, maybe even as the only european president. Too bad he's leaving now.

People are to blame, just because they're blind - they have no trust in government, yet they always vote for even more government. There is no way BACK from the slippery socialist slope, once people get dependent on the state, the productive minority will never be able to shrink the government back to pocket size in democratic elections :(

-On a more positive note, you wouldn't (oh you would!) believe how many eyes Ron Paul and the US Liberty movement has opened, really. People are beginning to see that there is a better way after all and it gives me great hope.

If there were just few hundreds of Czech people who knew about Ron Paul last year, now it's thousands. Still not enough to make a revolution :( but the fires of liberty are being ignited all over the world. Mindsets change.


Thank you too

The people deserve better there and everywhere. How could people be so stupid and pick that Zeman guy when they see the EU in constant crisis. Now Czechs will have to pick up Euro debt and lose their currency I think. That Zeman guy will probably get a nice payoff for this imo.

I guess the best thing now is for the EU crisis to deepen so EU powers will soften. Not a good option but better sooner than later. This drunkard Zeman will hopefully screw up and be removed lol

Hoping more people wake up there,



arghghghghg those F'ng Commie Bastards!

hilarious, considering most of the Czech legislative body charging him with treason were and are Commies from the Soviet era, just like Angela Merkel of Germany.

Hesus Cristos, and we think we have it bad, here. Europeans are just a few decades removed from the Soviet rule, and they openly vote these motherfrakkers in, destroy a former one turned reformer?? Oy veh!


but always more than meets the eye:

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

My 2cents

That second link has it all kinds of wrong. Yes, Havel was a humanist and he had apologized for crimes against deported Germans, whilst Klaus refused to do so (history is very, very gray on this subject, with nazis and all) however, Havel was a globalist and elitist, Agenda 21, Roman Club, Trilateral Commission, European Commission, humanitarian bombardment etc. you name it.

Havel did fight soviet tyranny and he was a humanitarian at heart, but he was far from a free-market liberty oriented politician. Which is why Klaus criticizes him so much, even though Havel is loved by 99% of Czechs, he is sort of a Dalai Lama here.

Interesting, thanks

I always thought both Havel and Klaus were decent guys. Ignorance, it appears, is my middle-of-europe name.

:) I think you're right!

:) I think you're right!

They are both decent each for different reasons. The treason charge however is truly a "political stunt" - it is a cowardly attempt from small left-wing (read: commies) politicians to tarnish someone they've been fighting against for years.

I have to

look into their history further to be able to delineate more nuance.

as you know for most of human history, the fundamental concept of a self-rule, post-initial Greek era, is rare, at least in modern written history. and as you state, of course, various factional interests over-cross. From what little I do know of the Czech history from a third party (purely written accounts, as I've only met a few Czechs in my lifetime: a few in NYC and a few in Germany while on a biz trip) POV, only two specifics really: the former commies populating their legislature and Klaus as the more free-market leaning 'reformer' is now facing predictable backlash by statists.

thank you for the more nuanced historical perspective.

by the way, are you, or is your family from the Czech Republic? is the current inflationary trend of the central banksters affecting them at a much quicker or relative rate as their other European neighbors?

PS. Lol. just saw your new post (http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2993595), as I was posting this reply. thanks.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul