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$25,000 fine for an opinion; more conditioning?

Just as military personnel can no longer speak critically of any commander in chief, so a NASCAR driver can't render an opinion about performance of the equipment he is provided...


We know our nation is only a few years from having biblical preaching against sin being lawfully deemed hate speech....(right behind Canada)...it just seems to me that we're being conditioned that if our speech offends anyone or any group, some civil magistrate will be lawfully ordered to PUNISH that act!

Within the context of this PRIVATE auto racing domain, NASCAR and their new "gen 6" car; I will say I am watching the Las Vegas race right now,.and what I am observing that 15% of the race complete, and 25% of the field is already a lap down. Denny Hamlin might have been right!

I wouldn't pay the fine either, he might get suspended if he doesn't; but what's $25,000 to a guy being paid .... ??? $$$

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I often watch NASCAR

because our neighborhood has a pool and its a great social event.

That said, watching the race yesterday, Kenny Wallace piped in saying that NASCAR is "All about the fans". I guess it is, it is about shoving the sponsors' products down our throats for several hours a week.

It is about Monopolizing millions of people's buying habits. It is about selling cars, candy, and dozens of other consumables.

A Neighbor of mine, a car salesman, loves NASCAR and all the advertising. He often states how incredibly stupid most people are and if you can create Pain in the minds of those you wish to sell to, you can sell them just about anything as long as you can convince them the pain YOU placed in the head will go away.

I often tell him how I don't fit that model and his reply "People like you make up about 2% of the population, when we come across people like you, we walk away."

NASCAR, NFL, MLB, and all the others about Entertainment and Brainwasing. When the Romans periodically came close to revolt, the Emperor held extravagant Games in order Entertain the masses till some temporary solution was devised or the Military/Plebeians could be positioned to quell any uprising.

The US has perpetual Games that are funded by the Central Planners (monopolists).

So what?

They pay him a lot of money and give him parts for the purpose of promoting their company. He is not doing a good job of representing their company and he is under contract, so they want some of their money back. I have no problem with this.

Sponsors pay players to represent them.

It's like if you pay someone to make a commercial that says "Product X is awesome" and they go on camera and instead say "Product Y is better than Product X!" Don't expect to be paid.

But that said I could be missing details of the situation

It is not his sponsors fining him -

it is the sanctioning body - NASCAR(which is a corporation)- fining him.

My issue with this is simple - Denny doesn't work for NASCAR. He drives for Joe Gibbs Racing. And while he may have to sign contracts with NASCAR, it just doesn't sit well with me.

Does this mean any company can force an employee to lie or be fined?

If you listen to the interview - it was not even a bashing - just a statement(a factual one at that).

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Pretty darn ridiculous isn't it

That big of a fine for speaking his mind.... Poor Denny just can't win for losing sometimes. I saw him win at Bristol last year, he's a hell of a driver

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