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Corporatism: State-Controlled Capitalism

Corporatism: A System Of Control Designed By The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite

Submitted by Michael Snyder (Zerohedge.com Guest Post)

In early America, most states had strict laws governing the size and scope of corporations. Individuals and small businesses thrived in such an environment, and the United States experienced a period of explosive economic growth. We showed the rest of the world that capitalism really works, and we eventually built the largest middle class that the world had ever seen. But now we have replaced capitalism with something that I like to call "corporatism". In many ways, it shares a lot of characteristics with communism, and that is why nations such as communist China have embraced it so readily. Under "corporatism", monolithic predator corporations run around sucking up as much wealth and economic power as they possibly can. Most individuals and small businesses cannot compete and end up getting absorbed by the corporations. These mammoth collectivist institutions are in private hands rather than in government hands (as would be the case under a pure form of communism), but the results are pretty much the same either way. A tiny elite at the top gets almost all of the economic rewards.

There are some out there that would suggest that the answer to our problems is to move more in the direction of "socialism", but to be honest that wouldn't be the solution to anything. It would just change how the table scraps that the rest of us are getting are distributed.

If we truly wanted a return to prosperity, we need to dramatically shift the rules of the game so that they are tilted back in favor of individuals and small businesses. A much more pure form of capitalism would mean more wealth, less poverty and a more equitable distribution of the economic rewards in this country.

But it will never happen. Most of our politicians are married to the big corporations and the wealthy elitists that fund their campaigns. And most Americans are so uneducated that they believe that what we actually have today is "capitalism" and that the only alternative is to go "to the left" toward socialism.

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Corporatism doesn't represent free market capitalism

I agree with this piece in that we need to do a better job educating the public on the use of the accurate name, Corporatism, to describe the current system of economic control worldwide. For example, while I agree with this rapper (link below) on calling out much of the injustice committed by the imperial west, I strongly disagree with him labeling this system of market manipulation as "capitalism." WTF? Free market capitalism doesn't currently exist! Is he just ignorant and needs to be schooled on the truth or I am I just naïve?

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