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"Common Sense… the Re-mix” A redirected and modern interpretation of snippets from Thomas Paine.

Note: I wrote and posted this some ten days ago under the 2nd Amendment Forum. Now, after witnessing Senator Paul’s filibuster, some friends in Liberty and I thought it appropriate that I do a couple of small edits, and repost. Enjoy.

Mr. President... Preach to everyone your philosophy… don’t try to corrupt our minds alone with your narrow ideology. If bearing arms is so sinful, your preemptive wars are more so, by all of the stark difference between a signature-drone-strike and an unavoidable defense. If you really preach from conscience, and don’t intend to make a Jackass out of your whole party…. go convince the world of the same by preaching to our enemies. For they likewise bear arms, albeit, in many cases, we paid for them. And give us proof of your sincerity through leading by example. Give word to your Generals ravaging the Middle East and your Admirals in the Persian Gulf and to all the misguided and murdering miscreants who are acting under your authority, to cease and desist.
If you had any honesty whatsoever, you would preach only repentance; and that only unto yourself, bearing in mind your eternal ruin. You would not spread your lies of good intentions to your insulted and injured citizens alone, rather, like a faithful minister, you would cry aloud and spare none. Don’t hide under the guise of some persecution or accuse those of us of cohesive mind that we are the authors of the blowback that you bring upon yourself. For we Testify To All Men, that we do not complain because you are a God Fearing Man of Peace, but because you pretend to be a God Fearing Man of Peace, and you are not.
You have a tendency, with your words and deeds, to act as if all sin is reduced to and defined in, the act of bearing arms and the act of bearing arms by The People only. Yet, you appear to us to have mistaken party loyalty for conscience, with the general tone of your actions seeking uniformity in these thoughts. Well, it is exceedingly difficult for us to give credit to your many assertions… when we see them being made by the men, who, at this very moment, are exclaiming against the terrors of the world, and nevertheless, are hunting after them with a step as steady as Time, and an appetite as keen as Death.
- Liberty
O ye partial ministers of your own acknowledged principles! If the bearing arms be sinful, the first going to war must be more so, by all the difference between wilful attack and unavoidable defense.
Wherefore, if ye really preach from conscience, and mean not to make a political hobby-horse of your religion, convince the world thereof, by proclaiming your doctrine to our enemies, for they likewise bear arms. Give us proof of your sincerity by publishing it at St. James's, to the commanders in chief at Boston, to the admirals and captains who are practically ravaging our coasts, and to all the murdering miscreants who are acting in authority under HIM whom ye profess to serve. Had ye the honest soul of Barclay3 ye would preach repentance to your king; Ye would tell the royal tyrant of his sins, and warn him of eternal ruin. Ye would not spend your partial invectives against the injured and the insulted only, but like faithful ministers, would cry aloud and spare none. Say not that ye are persecuted, neither endeavor to make us the authors of that reproach, which, ye are bringing upon yourselves; for we testify unto all men, that we do not complain against you because ye are Quakers, but because ye pretend to be and are not Quakers.
Alas! it seems by the particular tendency of some part of your Testimony, and other parts of your conduct, as if all sin was reduced to, and comprehended in the act of bearing arms, and that by the people only. Ye appear to us, to have mistaken party for conscience, because the general tenor of your actions wants uniformity: And it is exceedingly difficult to us to give credit to many of your pretended scruples; because we see them made by the same men, who, in the very instant that they are exclaiming against the mammon of this world, are nevertheless, hunting after it with a step as steady as Time, and an appetite as keen as Death.
- Thomas Paine

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