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At filibuster, Senate Dems blew it, BIG time

If just, say, 8 or 10 Senate Dems (or more) had shown up early at the Rand filibuster, they would have diffused/stolen the whole thing. Less Republicans would've likely appeared, and the Dems could've claimed the civil liberties mantle. They also would've looked good to their base and to independents.

Instead, their absence turned off a big chunk of their base, and Rand had the spotlight to himself. It catapulted Rand, rallied the *Republican* base, and the Dems could've easily prevented it.

They blew it. Think about it.

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Code Pink Showed Up.

I'm not a team player. Teamwork is highly overrated. The issue can't be claimed by either team, but Rand currently has the ball.

Yeah, but politically...

...the democrats, in their absence, shot themselves in the foot and really launched Rand Paul. If Rand was standing amidst Democrats in that chamber, the Republican establishment wouldn't be gushing over him at all.

If Rand beats Hillary in '16, and I believe he's the only one capable of doing so, then the Democrats should look all the way back to this filibuster as a blown opportunity.