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This is Rupert Murdoch’s iPad Killer for Education

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and his publishing empire, News Corp, used to be strong believers in Apple’s iPad and its digital publishing prowess, so much so that he greenlit a substantial investment in The Daily, an iPad-exclusive magazine.

Apple and News Corp had worked side-by-side to develop The Daily, having launched the app on February 2, 2011 during a lavish press conference at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Apple’s online services head Eddy Cue joined Rupert Murdoch on stage, who publicly praised Apple for being “a highly disciplined company that makes beautiful products”, attributing late co-founder Steve Jobs with having “such power inspiring the people around him.”

But after slashing staff by a third last summer, News Corp soon pulled the plug on the project. Enter 2013: News Corp’s education division called Amplify Wednesday announced it is launching its own Android tablet mean to compete with Apple’s iPad in education…

The Amplify Tablet, as they’re calling it, is manufactured by Asus, has a ten-inch screen and is being targeted at middle-school children. It comes preloaded with educational content and applications and kids will be able to take it home and play games on it.


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It comes preloaded with educational content and applications.

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