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Charles E. Alden: Inventor of pocket telephone, 1906

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Great find!

Thanks for posting

Yep the future was stolen

Yep the future was stolen from us by greedy financiers

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Vest Pocket Telephone

Charles E. Alden, inventor of the mobile phone. Amazing.

I knew it. I knew what I was hearing on Coast to Coast AM four, five years ago about technology's advancement being ahead of what the common people know had to be true. Engineer Thomas (E.?) Bearden, others. I just knew it.

In light of learning in 2007 how the world works, to merely hear stories about technology advancements such as automobiles running on air and hovering, tremendously fast air craft and saucers, regrowing teeth, a biology feat three years old that two friends, one in physics and the other in biology, who were in their final year of their graduate school accomplished, discovering this 107-years-old news about Alden just fits into place about what I hear when people say the PTB are at least 50 years ahead of us, the normal people. In 2007-08 I heard the 50-year mark. I bet the advancement is at least 100 years. Recently I heard that food can be teletransported. (Think: Beam me up, Scotty -- Star Trek.) That technology just shouldn't be.

So, when I hear about global warming, chem trails, I think of course Those guys are way ahead. But to believe global warming including its dire conditions drought and floods as effects of vehicle exhaust and cow farts? Please. There're no natural causes about extreme climates. No human or cow or even vehicle can far that much. These bizarre climates are man made all right, just not in ways most people think. HAARP is old school. TPTB are past HAARP, way past it.

As for technology's sequestration in the hands of the very few, I'm glad, but I hope it's inaccessible to the masses. I can only imagine how life would be if that technology spread to everyone. I think life is fast, busy and complicated, leaving little time to rest, contemplate and enjoy the small things. If that technology reached the masses, forget it. Life would change too much too soon and because of it, for the worse. Automation and rote behavior would be the order of the day. The grid would be complete. Except a few advancements that I'd accept, forget the rest of 'em, I say; you know those advancements are going to be let out so that they're the framework of the control grid. So, the absurdly rich can keep their toys (without playing with them at the expense of anyone, hence the restoration of our constitutional republic). I'll stay with simplicity. I'll keep my sunsets, my potatoes and steaks from grass fed cows, my sports, my video games, my books and conversations.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

Him and

Tesla had their ideas stolen by the government, because it would mean free communication and energy for all, and JP Morgan couldn't allow that.

Then again, maybe technology

Then again, maybe technology isn't far ahead. Maybe it is where it is or a little ahead and the stories on Coast to Coast AM and articles we see in microfiche are fabricated. I don't doubt technology is advanced enough to create old looking articles and grainy video with characters in video edited in to look as though they're original. Who knows. Not me, that's for sure. As for me, I'll keep my it/life simple ('cause I ain't stupid).

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

In one way, I'm glad their

In one way, I'm glad their plans were stolen -- and I hope they remain hidden unless certain things take place to prevent mankind from being enslaved, which is why I think Microsoft's products give people fits (a deliberate condition, a slowing down of technology progress) and is what brings me to this point:

In another way, I'm upset. I'm upset because it would be natural to encounter technology improvements in freedom -- where people are acting as individuals, existing with and adapting to technology instead of being technology's subjects (meaning that technology is placed to humans to make them live according to it) -- rather than if technology improvements are leaked out to society because leaked out reveals influence. Again, influence society -- a large collective, the mass of people, the state where people take in subliminal messages thinking they are individualistic but aren't (see humans subject to technology, second clause of previous sentence). Eventually, this influence leads to the trap control. Here, control is no way out.

When I hear free energy, I ask questions such as, What is free energy; what produces it; does everyone have it, if so, how; is this energy tied into a global grid, a planetary regional grid, a country grid, a socialized grid where someone whose power goes off affects everyone else's? When I hear free energy, I think the method to watch everyone, a global ruse.

fonzdrew, I know little about free energy. I think of it as a structure to control instead of what I think most people believe it is, something a person can buy or fashion to provide himself unlimited, unmonitored energy consumption. That's what I think. But what do you know about free energy, fonzdrew? Know answers to my questions, too?

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton