Rand Paul on the David Allen Show

Rand talks about how much fun he had in NH this past weekend! Rand is a great guy. If you listened to the Jennifer Horn interview she said when she was thinking of having Ron on she wondered what she would talk about for 30 minutes. She now says she thoroughly enjoyed interviewing both Ron and Rand -- she loves how genuine and smart they are, and can't wait to have them back because there is so much to talk about.


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Does anyone have Rand Paul's contact info?

Does he read this blog (hell, I don't even read all of this blog these days, and I doubt he could either!)?? Anyway, I'd really like to invite him to Florida. It's pretty certain that Ron Paul fans here would provide him with a good reception -- who knows, the news media might even notice! Anyway, please PM me if you've got his email. Thanks!!

Very Good Interview.


can someone link the mp3 player part so I can listen to this interview.


His voice sounds like Ron's a lot.

David Allen Show

I listened to David Allen interview Rand yesterday, it was a good interview.
Rand called in from NH where he is hard at work on the campain. Rand is a very well spoken and intelligent guy. I think he's going to be a BIG plus for all of us in this campaign.

I had emailed David and told him how much we appreciated the interview. He took the time to mail me back and thank me for listening. I really appreciated that. I added his show to my favorites page. He has a good website with past interviews too.


Rand is really good

I think that Rand Paul should run for Congress. We need lots more good people and since he is Ron's son voters would trust him.

Maybe the VP we're looking for!

Rand would make quite the VP.....maybe a future Prez. He certainly has all the knowledge from his dad and seems to speak quite well. Wish we could give Ron a rest for a week and have him do a debate or rally for him.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL