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Firefox Crash! Lost All My Tabs Anyone Know How To Recover Them? Please Let Me Know!

I have 5 months of research rolled up into the tabs that just vanished due to a "firefox update". When I restarted computer, Firefox updated automatically, and then Adobe update kicked in, then when firefox was opened, there was nothing listed in session restore.

I NEED THOSE TABS BACK IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!! Please post any suggestions below.

What I have tried....

-- located the most recent sessionstore.bak file however , it was not the most recent , it was like 3 months old.

-- I went to 2 different restore points on my computer, the day before, and 2 days before. And no success in locating them.


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After a crash

When you launch Firefox again there should be two options that come up. One says something like "restore the previous session" and the other says "start a new session."

If you're past that stage, look in the history.

Protip: Don't ever leave information you intend to keep in tabs; bookmark it. If you use Google Chrome, it's stored online rather than locally so there's no worry of losing your bookmarks and if you sign into Chrome on your phone or another computer you can add bookmarks and they'll be there next time you log in on another device.

Check this out.

Another person had the same problem and figured out how to fix it.


Search through the History?

If those sites are not listed in the "recently closed tabs," perhaps you can still access them one by one.

thanks for this.. I may just do that..

at least I will recover some of the links/websites, and not lose them all.

Ok, so why would you keep

Ok, so why would you keep them in tabs? Tabs arnt meant to be a permanent spot to store page, they are temporary.

Anyway, but I am sorry, I have no idea how to get them back.

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The exact same thing has happened to me in the past

Sometimes Firefox will restore your session and other times...well now you know.

I don't have a solution for you, but I do have some advice. Ever since that happened to me, instead of cluttering my bookmarks - I've copied the links to notepad/word doc(and saved), just in case...

great idea!! I used to do that ... but my confidence in firefox

went up, so I stopped. should have known they would at one time or another fail to save the previous session.

will do that again in the future.

No idea if this works

but I found the following here http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090119230700AA...

Go to My Computer.
>add /remove
> undo it. Delete the download.
>check date and delete

It's an answer from 4 years ago but maybe it will work.

Edit: try re-installing the previous version of firefox

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Do you mean tabs or

Do you mean tabs or bookmarks? Bookmarks should be stored locally on your machine. Here's some info:


no i have my bookmarks, they are there.

the tabs (which are common for firefox) are different websites that I had open.

They usually show up in session restore, but did not after the update.


I seriously wouldn't store links in tabs as tabs are session-based and therefore somewhat/quite ephemeral. o_O

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