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Thank-You Notes - Sun. 3/10-3/16

For quite some time, I've been wishing someone would post a weekly bit highlighting one or a couple of folks who deserve a great big thank-you from the liberty crowd. I kinda believe that whole catch-more-bees-with-honey business and try to shoot off a thank-you when I notice someone in the public sphere doing something courageous.

Alas, I only manage once in a while. And no one else seems to be doing it for me. Drat!

So I'm promising to do a suggestion for a "Thank-You Note" most Sundays. My idea is that folks who are in the pen fighting need to hear from us -- and the more of us the better.

I will do my best to research each target well and to provide background links so that you can research them easily.

It would be awesome to flood folks drudging toward liberty with thanks, and I hope you will join me.

Our first Thank-You Note target is:

Star Parker, founder of CURE -- Center for Urban Renewal and Education. She and her staff deserves our thanks.

Three weeks ago, Parker organized a national press conference with prominent figures from the black community to speak out against gun control legislation currently being considered on Capitol Hill. A DP member posted a link to the conference right after it was posted to YouTube.

Watch either a condensed or the full version here:

Parker and CURE, the nations's largest black conservative think tank, is in the mist of fighting to educate Americans about the ways that gun control targets, both historically and currently, black Americans.

Please send her a big THANKS and encourage her to keep fighting.

Email: Contact Us
Phone: 202-479-2873 (CURE)
Center for Urban Renewal and Education
1317 F Street NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20004

If you wish to do more, consider donating to CURE's ad campaign:

If you want a template, here's what I sent:

Ms. Parker and CURE Staff,

Thank you so very much for the work you are doing to educate the American public about the historical and current issues surrounding gun rights and black Americans.

I watched the press conference CURE held a couple of weeks ago and was so impressed and learned so much.

I wish to tip my hat to your efforts.

*If you send a thank-you, please post here to let everyone know and to keep the post alive. Feel free to post the text of your own thank you in case anyone is shopping for the best template.

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Thanks for this thread concept!

I hope it catches on! We need more positive thoughts! Perhaps a more catchy title would help.


"The Weekly Great Big Liberty Thank You Give Away Goes To..."

"Thank You Star Parker from the Liberty Movement"

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!

Give me better title ideas.

Give me better title ideas. I'm terrible at catchy.

"Uneducated, unarmed, and dependent - that's the Democrat Party"

Parker's discussion with Beck:

If you want to do more than a thank you, consider donating to Parker's and CURES efforts to educate the black community about the dangers of gun control. Even though the CURE sites begins with a suggestion donation of $50, you can give whatever couch-coins you desire. I gave $5.

This is a great vehicle for broadening the 2nd Amendment movement; and a potential threshold issue that could awaken many black Dems to the liberty movement.