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Major gold news that no one is talking about: Barrick Gold going bankrupt?


I cannot find a word about this in the news, not even the alternative news. SGT is a straight shooter, and the guy he interviews here claims the President of Chile is on his side and personally helping him... The only thing I can find about Barrick is that the finance chief has resigned
and that they were downgraded. Both of those sort of support the story without confirming the legal problems. Both seem to be related to African mining, not Chile.
I'll be keeping an eye on Eric King on this. He often advertises Barrick, one of his regulars is an executive with the company, I think. It will be interesting to see if he picks this up. At this point, I can't find this story on silverseek or GATA or google - only SGT has it. And now the DP.

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Found this fishy... from comment section

Guys, do a little Googling... Most of this has been finalized as of mid-February 2013, legally, completely, and there is no dispute or conspiracy over Jorge's claim on the *Chilean* portion of the property. Look under msxgold dot com (News Releases) as well as (Projects) sections of their site. It's already considered an active project for Mountainstar. Three weeks later now, MSX stock is only 31 cents. Barrick hasn't gone bankrupt. Oh the drama. Why do we keep falling for this stuff ??

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I did do a little googling, I guess not enough. This is all I can find, even still after your comment:
No intiendo. Habla Espaniol?

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: