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JFK Blows The Whistle on Secret Societies!

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So this video is fake or not?

So this video is fake or not?

My Flash video player is acting up....

...so I can't screen the video in the OP to answer your question, but if the video is the JFK Secret Society speech, where he talks about a "monolithic" "Secret Societies and secret oaths", then no it's not fake entirely. JFK did give the speech, but someone edited it and switched it around to make JFK sound favorable when in actuality, he was calling for MORE government secrecy from the press. The edited version is typically the version that most people have heard. I was disappointed when I heard the original in context. :(

Listen to the links me and another commenter posted below if you want to hear the entire unedited JFK Secret Society Speech.

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I was shocked to hear the JFK secret society speech was edited

...but it is, and I shouldn't be shocked. The edits completely change the context of the speech as a commenter below pointed out.

How many people realized JFK's Secret Society Speech was actually calling for MORE government secrecy, NOT less! The speech most of us have heard was doctored! See for yourself!

Here's the full original version: http://ia700504.us.archive.org/5/items/jfks19610427/jfk_1961...

Here's the doctored version that most people have heard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhZk8ronces

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Out of Context, Extremely Misleading

This audio piece is only one segment of a broader speech JFK gave entitled "The President and The Press". Ironically, the reality of this speech is that JFK is rationalizing the need for more secrecy for government, and asking cooperation from the press to enable it.

Here is the whole of the speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs

It wasn't so much an exposure of conspiracy on JFK's part, as it was his solicitation of the press to create one (their cooperation in enabling, and acquiescence to, government secrecy).

The argument here is that

Kennedy was talking about Russia, Ask yourself this, If a Damning piece of audio was out there floating around. Do you think it a real stretch that TPTB might actually try and say discredit it? They would not dare try and alter history. With one sound guy on the payroll could they have spliced two different speeches into one? And archived it as the official version. Part of the official version has dishes rattling. Part does not. Just take the argument that the archived version clearly indicates he was talking about Russia , with a grain of salt. The things said do not jive with the cold war Russia scenario. Plus the flow of the Speech is much better in this version IMO. The best reason for the speech, The CIA, enforcement arm of TPTB were attempting to force him into the bay of pigs just 10 days or so earlier,(the prize the central bank of Cuba still not under the control of TPTB) And Kennedy saw that as a threat to National security. (4-17-61 bay of pigs,,,,4-27-61 speech) To add a little support to this theory is that before Kennedy was Shot, he had dismantled the Leaders of the CIA. And as a (TPTB) insult to the murder, the investigation was headed up by The Disgruntled ex-head (fired by Kennedy) of the CIA Allen Dulles