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Forbes: Is IRS Persecuting Kent Hovind For Creationism ?

If you google “Kent Hovind IRS persecution” you will find things like this:

Kent Hovind’s followers, however, contend he was prosecuted because of his religious convictions – and because he was so effective in exposing what he calls “the big lie of evolution.”

Is that true ?

What Got Me Into This

The recent Tax Court decision in the case of Jo Delia Hovind was followed, probably coincidentally, with the honoring of her husband, Kent Hovind, a federal inmate, by the Creation Science Hall of Fame. CSHF has been refining its discussion of Mr. Hovind’s unfortunate circumstances but throughout, Nick Lally, the chairman, has maintained that Mr. Hovind is in prison “out of principle and not deceit”.

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No, they just don't like

people who manage and handle their money differently than the IRS wants everyone to. He was singled out to make an example of him to keep others in line. That's my two cents.

Another well known creation scientist who has better educational degrees than Hovind, Ken Hamm, has not had problems with the IRS that I know of. Hamm is an Australian living in Kentucky who heads up Answers in Genesis, and has that big creation museum there.

maybe its because Ken Hamm

maybe its because Ken Hamm does his taxes properly.

the IRS couldn't get to Al Capone no matter how much illegal activities he did... until it came to taxes.

if they can't get you on what they dislike... they will get you on taxes.

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