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Buying gold or silver

Can anyone tell me about buying gold coins? I have bought from APMEX which is very easy to buy. I also notice they seem a bit more expensive than some of the other like Merit, Midas etc.... But those other ones seems more difficult to buy from where you have to open accounts etc ....

Anyone have an opinion where to buy that is easy and cheap?

for example apmex silver coin is 31.86 and Midas is 30.09

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You've already screwed up. NEVER buy online.

Now the government knows how much you've bought and where you had it shipped to.

So when they come for our metals, your purchases are on record.

Only buy your metals with CASH from a dealer you trust.

Never use credit cards, checks, debit cards, wired money etc.


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Local pawn shop or metals

Local pawn shop or metals dealer. With cash.

My husband is in charge of

My husband is in charge of all the silver purchasing, but I know he prefers using apmex and Scottsdale silver. When he uses apmex he mails a check instead of using credit card to get a little bit of a discount. Depending on how big of an order you're making Scottsdale is a good option (free shipping on orders $500 or more). He's also bought junk silver through ebay and local pawn shops quite a few times. He prefers silver over gold as he feels it is highly undervalued in comparison to gold (he could offer a much better explanation of this than I can, he's pretty finance savvy so I just leave it to him and trust his judgment :) ).

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Exactly the same

for me - Scottsdale with the free shipping and Apmex using check.



https://libertycpm.com seems to have the most consistently competitive prices though it's not the rule.

Depends on how much you want to buy

Tulving is known for their low cost, but they have high minimums. They deal in minimums of 20 ounces of gold and 500 ounces of silver.

Peter Schiff is pretty well respected around here. His Europac metals company deals in $10,000 minimums.

Gainesville Coins and Provident Metals are well known internet dealers with no minimums.

For small purchases, you are often better off heading to your local coin shop and saving on shipping.

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i'd also like some thoughts on silver bullion

is there any reason NOT to buy sunshine mint silver coins. I just want to pay for the silver, I am not looking for something graded etc. What the difference in a maple leaf vs a Sunshine mint silver coin?

Silver bullion is great!

Although I believe in diversifying your metals (meaning getting some government silver and some private rounds), you'll get your best value with bullion.

The premium is always less than with government coins.

On the other hand, buy from reputable mints like Northwest Territorial or Sunshine.

The advantage to government metal is that it is widely accepted the world over as dependable and authentic.

Personally for non-government silver, I like the Northwest Territorial silver rounds. They have beautiful workmanship.

You can see them here...

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The minor minting companies just don't have the name recognition as the 'big boys'.

A barter society might be wary of them.

thanks for the suggestions

thanks for the suggestions and information! i will check some local places out.