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Left Versus Right Versus Down Versus Up (Versus Thick Versus Thin)

People have left hands and right hands, left feet and right feet, even left brains and right brains. So it is natural to use left-right thinking to sort out many of the problems we face every day. The political class of course uses this dichotomous tendency of ours to control and steer the majority of people into two (apparently) different but equally easy-to-manage groups. The minority that chooses to overcome this divide is said to exist somewhere in the center of this great political expanse.

The UP Party seeks to transcend outdated left-center-right thinking with the recognition of two previously unrecognized options - up, and down.

And how to recognize politically up or politically down people?

-A down 'voter' would support laws that restrict unconventional activity, an up voter would support freedom

-A down voter sees entropy and disorder in the world and seek the creation of manmade laws to overcome it. Up voters appreciate the human mind and its ability to solve problems and overcome disintegrating forces

-A down party member fears change, so they attempt to slow the rate of change through the weight of ordinances, statutes and laws. Up party members would remove these heavy paper burdens

So what say you? Is this thinking too forward, is my brain put in backward? Have I come to my point roundabout or straightaway?

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i'd rather much prefer to

i'd rather much prefer to subscribe to the, "it either is, or it is'nt"

my smart device doesn't know the word 'is'. So it's even smarter

Than I thought.

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I like these charts.

Looks like a 4D hypercube shadow.

in flatland :)


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I think your Up and Down are backwards.

"Up" voters should be associated with voting "for" too much government.

"Down" voters should be associated with voting against freedom-limiting legislation.

It should be popular to say "no" to new legislation.

..at least that's my impression.

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All these Directional Associations have subtle pre-Bias.

'Right' is not wrong, "Up" and "Forward" are positive, "Down" and "Back are negative.

It is amazingly stupid to try and fit complex issues into 1 of two choices (not speaking of you of course, since that isn't what you are saying). Having public, political votes based on this is worse, especially if this misguided government is powerful.

I don't think expanding to 4 parts is enough of a step.
Allowing for independent variables would be the next step in thinking.
This would allow for any combination of each of the 4 (or more) directions.

It's too bad in the U.S.A. we have such bad math education, that even our (common) math instructors do not get people to the point of using the basics toward everyday thinking.

Here is a progression of mathematical models in a nut shell:
- a point (exists or doesn't): 0 dimensional
- a line (that whole left-right thing): 1 dimensional
- two lines that intersect (left-right, up-down): 2 dimensional
- multiple lines; forming multiple dimensions: 3-D and beyond

Also note, placing 2 sides of an issue at each end of a line narrows thinking. A more expressive representation is to allow for any combination of each side (2 independent variables).

Mathematics: wonderful possibilities
2-Party Politics: brain-dead dumb
..framed as a "One on One" fight.

I must be in a bad mood.

If you aim to help expand other's thinking through promoting more directions, I get it. Good.

Otherwise, I guess I'm just ranting. I better stop.

How about 'forward' versus 'backward'?

'Forward' sounds positive and good. It was used by European Marxists and earlier than that the state of Wisconsin as a motto. Obama used 'Forward' as his 2012 campaign slogan.

Constitutionalists and libertarians want to go 'backwards' which sounds bad even though it would be good to do what the 'left' and 'right' both resist - go back to the Constitution, back to a time of smaller government.

A counter to accusations of being a Luddite and wanting to smash the machinery are easily answered by pointing out that a majority of the people responsible for the recent tech revolution are libertarian in nature and long to go back to simpler days with fewer 'forward' concepts like patent laws.

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Upward Mobility

The key thing, often not discussed, is upward mobility.

The United States has the worst income inequality, and worst income distribution, and worst poverty rates (1 out of every 4 children live in poverty in the U.S.), then any other developed society.

But it didn't use to be this way. The policies (and corruption) of the last 40 years have created this.

The policies should be built around economic opportunity and upward mobility.

But neither Global Warfare, nor Austerity will ever, ever create upward mobility. Neither will a government by the rich, for the rich, of the rich --- which is what we have.

The U.S. Media will try and tell you that the health of the Country is measured by how well Wall Street and Global Corporations (Robber Barons) are doing.

Totally gone is Main Street USA, and the concept of upward mobility.

Their pattern indicates two

Their pattern indicates two dimensional thinking in a three dimensional world. It's a moronic way of thinking if your not thinking three dimensionally.


The down voters are also PC nazi's so you can expect to be called "racist" for giving them the "derogatory" direction of down...

Despite that I completely agree! :)

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

With that in mind, perhaps it would be better to keep 'down'

as a hypothetical party. As ideas are presented by the current left and right one could think of the idea in terms of whether it had 'up' aspects or 'down' aspects, and refuse to support ideas that are identified as down.

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Yes, you are correct

I'm just horrible with hypotheticals... I've never liked them, lol.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

The UP Party Exists as the Libertarian Party.

We are led to believe in the one dimensional system by the MSM and the duopoly parties. Since the founding of the country, both parties have worked down the grid, now both being authoritarian (in the bottm corner of the square). We are fed the false left-right paradigm as being our only choice.

Here is a test for the two dimensional system that you have described.

Agreed that libertarians are generally more 'Up'.

What traditional party then could the identified as 'Down'?

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Both R and D are in bottom corner.

They both want increased taxes, increased spending, more transfer payments, more regulation, more war, less accountability, less transparency, more control of citizens, more leverage over state and local government.

Your choice with the R and D parties is like voting for Hitler or Stalin.

The forward thinking down leftists and the backward thinking

down leftists are, in these few examples you've listed, in rare agreement with each other.

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The Republocrats


I'm reaching up and reaching out.
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.
Spiral out.

The democrublickins


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